Have you ever been tempted by Cyclo-Cross? Cross races are a good way for newcomers to get into competitive cycling. Although racing on a special Cross bike is an advantage, riding your old Mountain Bike is just as much fun.

After the initial line-up and start, riders do not tend to bunch so have good vision of where they are riding. Cross courses tend to be less technical than MTB courses with greater emphasis on faster, wider and smoother courses in recent years. They also tend to be short (a set time of riding rather than a set number of laps) so you can work as hard or as easy as you want during that time.

The Cyclo-Cross season runs from September through to March. There are several leagues set up over the Country, our area falls into the Wessex League and various local clubs host events within that league. There is a handbook published annually giving details of all Cross races which can be obtained from our Secretary.

Most events can be entered on the line. If you apply for a licence this is more cost effective if you intend to participate in many races. If you do not have one, you just pay extra on the day.

Do you fancy you chances of winning the Sotonia Cyclo-Cross shield? If so please contact Martin on 023 8036 7039 for details of events, costs or any other advice.

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