The lucky 13 tackle the 10 at Nomansland

There were 13 riders this morning for the club 10 at Nomansland. A bright day but with a stiff breeze made this tough course (P182) even tougher. Here are the times:
Number Name (s) Club Machine Finish Time
1 Michelle Lock GS Stella Road bike 32.29
2 Jenny Dawson Sotonia CC Road bike 33.18
3 Gary Chiverton Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Road bike 29.56
4 Hannah Polden Sotonia CC Road bike 33.09
5 Al Cooper Sotonia CC Road bike 29.05
6 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC Road bike 29.18
7 Corbin Gregson Sotonia CC Road bike 28.40
8 Dave Dent GS Stella Road bike 25.19
9 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC Road bike 32.54
10 Oliver Starkey Sotonia CC Road bike 28.20
11 Richard Burch Sotonia CC Road bike 30.52
12 Jon Legg Sotonia CC TT Bike 31.00
13 Graham Harman Sotonia CC Road bike 27.29

Club events start again

A lovely Spring day greeted the rides for our first 10 mile time trial of the season.

Riders and times as follows:

Name (s) Club Machine Finish Time
Stuart Barrow Sotonia CC TT bike 24.45
Will Weynberg Sotonia CC Road bike 24.46
G Cox Sotonia CC TT bike 24.50
Jon Dudley Sotonia CC TT bike 25.35
Oliver Starkey Sotonia CC Road bike 27.21
Lee Shirley Sotonia CC Road bike 27.51
Corbin Gregson Sotonia CC Road bike 27.52
Skye & Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC Tandem 27.59
Debbie Hallett Sotonia CC Road bike 31.19
Mary Corbett & Frankie Collins Sotonia CC Tandem Trike 33.54
Norman Harvey Sotonia CC TT bike 37.07

Robinson and Revier on top in Sotonia Autumn hill climb

This year's Sotonia hill climb was brought forward a month from its normal October slot to avoid a clash with the cyclo-cross season which begins next week. This resulted in 27 starters, including several of the club's talented young riders, tackling the half mile climb of Dean Hill.

Sotonia's Amy Robinson was the fastest of the seven women riders, whilst guest rider Matthew Revier of DHRacing was a clear winner of the men's category, in warm pleasant conditions which was a bonus on the day.

Pos. Name, Club, Time

1 Amy Robinson, Sotonia CC 3.03
2 Vivienne Tomlin, Avid Sport 3.12
3 Gemma Wilks, Sotonia CC 3.29
4 Isabella Hall, Sotonia CC 3.33
5 Skye Martingale, Sotonia CC 3.51
6 Linda Oram, Come and Try it 4.04
7 Emma Harrison, Sotonia CC 4.30

1 Matthew Revier, DHRacing 2.18
2 Digby Llewellyn, Poole Wheelers 2.28
3 Joey Wynne, Sotonia CC 2.29
4 Jon Hall, Sotonia CC 2.39
5 Miles Horner, Sotonia CC 2.44
6 Alastair Cooper, Sotonia CC 2.59
7 Jez Hart, Sotonia CC 3.00
8 Jon Legg, Sotonia CC 3.03
9 Jason Harrison, Sotonia CC 3.05
10 Jon Chapman, Sotonia CC 3.10
11 Stuart Martingale, Sotonia CC 3.15
12 Lee Shirley, Sotonia CC 3.18
12 Ben Gregson, Sotonia CC 3.18
14 Corbin Gregson, Sotonia CC 3.19
15 Marc Roberts, Sotonia CC 3.25
16 John Phillips, Sotonia CC 3.29
17 Greg Vint, Sotonia CC 3.41
18 Wout Davidse, Sotonia CC 3.55
18 Stephen Exell, Come and Try it 3.55
20 Nigel Aiken, Sotonia CC 4.03

Craig Smith, Sotonia CC DNS
Chris Lynch, Come and Try it DNS

Thanks to Nige Aiken for the pics.

Walter and Webb are fastest in the forest

Michelle Walter (Bournemouth Arrow CC) and Justin Webb (...a3crg) were the fastest woman and man in the Sotonia Open 10 mile time trial held on the P164 based in Lyndhurst. Conditions were generally good, warm with a breeze coming from the most favourable direction for the small field, further depleted by rather a lot of DNS's on a fine day.

Conditions were tight at the top of the Men's event with four riders finishing inside 22 minutes and Walter got the better of the promoting club's Hannah Polden by 36 seconds in the Women's event.

In the tandem event, Father and Daughter Stuart and Skye Martingale combined to record a very creditable 28.28.

You can see many of the riders in action here:

Full result:

1 Justin Webb ...a3crg Male Veteran 42 Wessex 21.15
2 George Skinner Primera-Teamjobs Male Senior 23 21.27
3 Matthew Buckley Velo Club St Raphael Male Senior 29 21.30
4 Darren Lyons Army Cycling Male Senior 35 21.54
5 Scott Warden Charlotteville Cycling Club Male Senior 29 22.28
6 Lee Beckford Reading CC Male Senior 33 23.17
7 Drew Hosie ...a3crg Male Veteran 57 Wessex 23.57
8 Ian Sherin 3C Cycle Club Male Veteran 60 Wessex 24.05
9 Malcolm Cox Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 54 24.31
10 Mike Anderson CC Moncontour Male Veteran 63 24.45
11 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 48 Wessex 25.07
12 Terry Icke Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 77 Wessex 25.36
13 Andrew Mayfield Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Veteran 57 26.50
14 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC Male Veteran 55 26.54
15 Murray Quiney Southdown Velo Male Veteran 59 27.09
16 William Simmons Christchurch Bicycle Club Male Veteran 69 Wessex 27.11
17 Jonathan Legg Sotonia CC Male Veteran 45 27.22
18 Michael Round Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Veteran 56 27.45
19 Brian Jones Morden CRC Male Veteran 70 Surrey/Sussex 29.48
20 Kevin Bannister Hardley Runners Male Veteran 69 29.58
21 Chris Summers Sotonia CC Male Veteran 69 Wessex 30.33

1 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC Female Veteran 60 Wessex 28.18
2 Hannah Polden Sotonia CC Female Senior 22 28.54


1. Stuart and Skye Martingale Sotonia CC 28.28.

The relaunch of Sotonia's Sunday club runs

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, the club committee would like to get regular club runs started again at 9am on Sunday’s from North Baddesley, (9.30am from October) where we form up into 2/3/4 groups of riders of matching speeds.

In order to aid this process, we have asked that members who would be prepared to lead groups of riders, put their names forward as run leaders. By doing so they are not guaranteeing that they will be out every week, come rain or shine, but are willing to lead groups on an ad hoc basis when they are available and happy to do so. They are...

Janet Burnage,
Lisa Caig,
Rob Ware,
Richard Woods,
Jon Chapman,
Rich Stephens,
Paul Whitaker,
Paul Macken.

In addition, the club is also happy for groups of members to continue to make their own arrangements to ride together as many have been doing over the past few months with the restriction on numbers that were in place then. However, we hope a return to the ‘turn up and ride’ system we have operated for many years will again prove popular and will be ‘standard practice' for members and potential members.

We’d like to thank the 'magnificent eight' above and would still welcome more offers to be leaders from those who missed the call the first time.

Julian Gee

Club 10 mile time trial, P101 Fawley

Eighteen riders tackled this test on the occasionally used P101 course which is based at Fawley and covers a stretch of road between Holbury and Calshot. Weather was fine and winds were light.


10 mile Road Bike TT, Sunday 2nd May 9.30am

This Sunday 2nd May, is the clubs next Road Bike TT event using the 10 mile P101 course near Fawley. The start time is 9:30am with pre-entry preferred.

Please send entries to and include name, age, address and emergency contact no. Free entry to Sotonia members. £5 non-member entry, payable in cash on the day.

Full details at
Please remember we are still subject to social distancing so avoid gathering in large groups and do not distract the timekeepers at the start or the finish.

A newcomer's guide to riding a cycling time trial - April 2021

It's great to see some of our new members trying their hands at time trials. We've made this short video with some basic guidance for others thinking of having a go. We look forward to seeing you on a start line soon!

Record breaking Red takes a rainy hillclimb on Dean Hill, Sunday 4th October

Red Walters (pictured) was a comfortable winner of a wet and windy Sotonia hillclimb in what is thought to be a record time. 20 riders faced timekeeper Dave Crocker for this annual anti-gravity test and Walters was in class of his own, scaling the climb in under 2 minutes.

Salisbury based student, Matthew Bond, finished runner up just in front of a couple of novice riders, Phil Gough and Chris Lynch.

1. Red Walters BCN 1.59
2. Matthew Bond Cambridge University CC 2.18
3. Phil Gough Come and try 2.19
4. Chris Lynch Come and try 2.24
5. Kouros Driscoll Sotonia 2.26
6. Luke Essigmans Sheffield University RC 2.29
7. Harry Johnson Nopinz Symec RT 2.31
8. Craig Smith New Forest CC 2.38
=9. Dave Barnes Come and try 2.49
=9. James Cooper Sotonia 2.49
11. Oliver Starkey Sotonia 2.54
=12. William Fox Grant SRAMcc 3.11
=12. Isobel Conibear DHC 3.11
14. Jez Hart Sotonia 3.12
15. Martin Olney Sotonia 3.13
16. Gemma Wilks Sotonia 3.30
17. David White Come and try 3.42
18. Wout Davidse Sotonia 3.48
19. Gemma Herbertson SRAMcc 4.05
20. Freya Herbertson-Hill SRAMcc 4.39

Big thanks to all those would turned up to ride and especially to the timekeepers, Dave Crocker and Martin Napier for turning out in unpleasant conditions.

You can view the action here:

Tight at the top at Fawley - result, club 10 mile time trial Sunday 20th September

Bright but breezy conditions greeted the riders for our annual visit to the P101 Fawley - Calshot course. The field of 18 riders was the best turnout on the course since it was first used about 5 years ago.

There was intense competition for the top spot with just 2 seconds covering the first 4 riders on this deceptively testing course.

1= Graham Harman Sotonia CC 49 TT 24.15
1= Brook Elgie Sotonia CC 42 Road 24.15
3= James Peckham Sotonia CC 32 Road 24.17
3= Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 38 Road 24.17
5  Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia CC 28 TT 24.24
6  Greg Mead Sotonia CC 38 TT 25.31
7  Ed Cox Sotonia CC 28 Road 26.01
8  John Winchester Crabwood CC TT 26.27
9  Jason Harrison Sotonia CC 48 Road 26.47
10  Jon Legg Sotonia CC 45 TT 26.57
11  Steve Shepherd Sotonia CC 50 Road 28.02
12  Claire Newman Crabwood CC TT 29.20
13  Ollie Hollister Crabwood CC Road 29.29
14  Mark Allen Sotonia CC 46 Road 32.20
15  Charlie Shepherd Sotonia CC 12 Road 33.32
16  Emma Harrison Sotonia CC 13 Road 35.09
17  Chris Summers Sotonia CC 68 TT 35.34
18  Martin Napier Sotonia CC Road 35.48

Thanks to Graham Harman and Phil Wilks for putting the event on. Ian Stewart, Dave Crocker and Julian Gee looked after the timing and Nigel Aiken and Richard Burch carried out marshaling duties.

You'll find a short video of the action here: