Another successful Sotonia promotion

The club had the pleasure of hosting the first round of this season's Cycling Time Trials National Circuit Series, in the form of this year's 'Leg Loosener' 14.6 mile event in the New Forest.

There was a decent entry for this early season test, with 68 entries across the categories, and despite the unpleasant, wet and misty conditions, the majority of these made the effort to start, which made the efforts of organiser Phil Wilks and his team of helpers and time keepers worthwhile.

The video gives a flavour of the event, and the state of some of the finishers as they struggled up Pipers Wait, to the finish timekeepers!

Win for 19 year old debutant Shield in damp conditions for hill climb.

Given the wet weather it was very good to see 15 riders take part in this morning's hill climb on Dean Hill.

Whilst conditions weren't perfect for any record breaking, it was very pleasing to witness 19 year old Southampton University student Will Shield, posting the fastest time in his first competitive event. Having ridden out from Southampton Will and his university club mates, didn't have time to reconnoiter the course so had to have it explained to them before starting. However, this didn't seem to hinder them as they went on to post most of the fastest times up the half mile climb in south Wiltshire.

With the women riders, it was win for the promoting club as Gemma Wilks saw off the challenge of past winner Gemma Herbertson and another first time to hill climbing, 18 year old Alice Snow, also riding her first event. However, Alice's speed might have been blunted as she had already competed in a 10km run earlier in the day!

Thanks to all those who took part and especially to timekeepers Martin Napier and Dave Crocker (who was officiating at his 20th event of the season!) and to Graham Harman who assisted organiser Julian Gee in setting out the course before helping the timekeepers.


Position Rider No. Name Club Finish time

1 4 William Shield Southampton University RC 2.16
2 14 Joey Wynne Sotonia CC 2.25
3 3 Barnaby Huxtable Southampton University RC 2.41
4 1 Harry Nickells Southampton University RC 2.44
5 2 Tim Ericksson Southampton University RC 2.45
6 5 Rich Ward New Forest CC 3.02
7 9 Patrick Fuller Sotonia CC 3.07
8 7 Jez Hart Sotonia CC 3.09
9 6 Rob Ward Come & Try 3.18
10 10 Greg Sanger Sotonia CC 3.29
11 11 Nick Jenning Sotonia CC 3.39
12 12 Steve Noton Sotonia CC 3.59


Position Rider No. Name Club Finish time

1 13 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC 3.24
2 8 Gemma Herbertson Elevate RT 3.58
3 15 Alice Snow Come & Try 4.10

On form Hubbard fastest again

Newly crowned club 25 mile Champion Jeremy Hubbard carried on his good recent form by recording the fastest time in the recent club 10 mile time trial on the P164 course (Tuesday 8th August) just dipping under 23 minutes on an overcast evening with rain threatening throughout.

The contest amongst the women riders was very close as Debbie Hallett recorded the fastest of four 29 minute rides, edging out two of the club's up-and-coming youth riders Emma Harrison and Skye Martingale and the more experienced Gemma Wilks.

The evening also saw Mary Corbett pilot 83 year old Club President Dave Crocker around the course on her tandem trike in a very creditable 37.07.

Thanks to Phil Connell for taking on the organisation, Martin Napier, Graham Harman and Julian Gee for timekeeping and the marshals were Nigel Aiken and Jon Dudley.

Name                     Club          Time
1 Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia CC 22.59
2 Pete Boustred     DHC  23.08
3 Mike Anderson CC Moncontour 24.54
4 Jason Harrison Sotonia CC 26.23
5 Thomas Wilks Sotonia CC 26.37
6 Oliver Starkey Come & Try it 27.35
7 Darren Pike Sotonia CC 28.05
8 Martin Nobbs Sotonia CC 28.26
9 Debbie Hallett Sotonia CC 29.07
10 Skye Martingale Sotonia CC 29.34
11 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC 29.35
12 Emma Harrison Sotonia CC 29.41
13 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 30.19
14 Marc Riley Sotonia CC 30.43
15 Charlotte Starkey Come & Try it 31.26
16 Benji Pike Sotonia CC 34.04
17 Mary Corbett/Dave Crocker (Tandem Trike) Sotonia CC 37.07

Tight at the top in championship '25'

An overcast evening on the P128 course, taking in three laps of the Copythorne, Cadnam, Netley March circuit, saw a tight contest for honours amongst the top 3 riders, in this year's club championship 25 mile time trial. However youth triumphed over experience on this occasion with 31 year old Jeremy Hubbard coming out on top by half a minute from veteran clubmates Phil Wilks and Mike Marsh.

63 year old Jon Dudley stormed round for fourth place in the championship with his 1.0.58 relegating many times past club 25 mile champion Graham Harman to an unaccustomed fifth place.

Crabwood CC also incorporated their 25 mile championship into the event and it was the evergreen 80 year old Dave England who came out top in that contest.

Thanks to Nick Wisby for putting on the event and also to the timekeepers and marshals, Mary Corbett, Norman Harvey, Martin Napier, Dave Crocker, Nigel Aiken, Claire Newman and Julian Gee.

Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia CC 58.13
Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 58.43
Mike Marsh Sotonia CC 58.45
Sam Cooper Andover Wheelers 1.0.57
Jon Dudley Sotonia CC 1.0.58
Graham Harman Sotonia CC 1.1.14
Jon Legg Sotonia CC 1.4.50
Sien Van Der Plank New Forest CC 1.5.13
Adrian Robinson Sotonia CC 1.6.57
Darren Pike Sotonia CC 1.12.14
Dave England Crabwood CC 1.13.43
Chris Summers Sotonia CC 1.16.25
Colin Witt Crabwood CC 1.18.54



This year's Champion







Stars come out in the rain for Epilepsy Society, in final event of the time trial season

The final Sotonia time trial of the season was a special event, run to assist Stuart Grace with his fund raising for the Epilepsy Society. One of the stars of the show was once again Jens Voigt, the former Tour de France Yellow Jersey holder and stage winner and Hour Record holder.
Jens had offered to pace the winner of a prize draw in the race itself and this honour fell to 15 year old Samuel Hughes of VC Venta who was very pleased with his resulting time of 25.17.
Another star taking part as the 72nd partner of Sotonia's Mary Corbett in her Tandem Tart Challenge was Marion Clignet. Clignet was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 22 and is a former cycling World Champion and two time Olympic silver medalist.
The wet weather on the day failed to dampen the enthusiasm of those taking part, particularly the fastest rider on the day. 15 year old Bobby Buenfeld of VC Venta who clocked a very fine 22.31.
The end of the event was also visited by one of our domestic stars Eddie Adkins, the former multi time trial champion and record holder, still going strong in his 70's.

Thanks go to Graham Harman for organising. Martin Napier, Dave Crocker and Julian Gee for timekeeping

Number Name Club Finish Time Category
2 Bobby Buenfeld VC Venta 22.31 Solo
8 Sherif Attia Southampton University RC 23.46 Solo
6 Oscar Lawrence VC Venta 24.01 Solo
7 Mike Marsh Sotonia CC 24.10 Solo
3 Mark Lisk 3C 25.05 Solo
5 Samuel Hughes/Jens Voigt VC Venta 25.17 2-up
9 Hamish Hunter Sotonia CC 25.34 Solo
11 James Peckham Sotonia CC 26.04 Solo
4 Chris Hughes VC Venta 27.22 Solo
10 Oliver Hitchings VC Venta 27.22 Solo
1 Mary Corbett/Marion Clignet Sotonia CC 28.15 Tandem Trike

Visitor Jones is fastest in the forest

Bournemouth visitor Paul Jones was the fastest rider by quite a margin in today's Sotonia club 10 on the P164 at Lyndhurst with 21.45 on day which looked promising but many found hard.

First Sotonia rider was Phil Wilks with 23.15, with son Tom, at 12 years old, making his time trial debut, clocking a very impressive 29.45 on his first time out, just 2 seconds behind his mother Gemma.

At the other end of the age scale, club Vice President Martin Napier claims to have closed a long time trialing career at the age of 75 with his time of 36.37. Will he be back though we wonder?

Thanks to Graham Harman for organising once again and Dave Crocker, Mary Corbett and Norman Harvey for time keeping. Marshals were Nigel Aiken and Jon Dudley.

Name Club Time
Paul Jones Premira Sports 21.45
Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 23.15
Tony Maschio Sotonia CC 24.07
Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 25.55
Phil Connell Sotonia CC 25.59
Hamish Hunter Sotonia CC 26.19
Niclas Olley Sotonia CC 27.06
Jon Legg Sotonia CC 27.06
Skye & Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC 27.08
George Connell Sotonia CC 27.45
Lee Shirley Sotonia CC 28.20
Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC 29.43
Tom Wilks Sotonia CC 29.45
Martin Napier Sotonia CC 36.37

Debutante Brown dominates on Dean Hill.

A small but select contingent turned out to ride the club's hill climb this morning, with first time hill climber 31 year old Phill Brown sensationally equaling the course record set by pro rider Red Walters in 2020.

Dull but dry conditions greeted the nine riders with the expected rain fortunately holding off for the event. Special mention should go to the club's two thirteen year olds' Skye Martingale and Stanley Phillips, testing themselves on the half mile climb and putting in very creditable times in doing so.

Brown is now hoping to carrying on his hill climbing career by taking on the National Hill climb Championship at the end of October.

Many thanks to Dave Crocker and Martin Napier for timekeeping duties.

Position Rider Club Time (Mins/secs)

1 Phill Brown New Forest CC 1.59
2 Elliott Jennings DH Racing 2.19
3 Flavio Vitalini DH Racing 2.24
4 Mike Marsh Sotonia CC 2.44
5 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 2.54
6 Stanley Phillips Sotonia CC 2.59
7 Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC 3.13
8 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC 3.36
9 Skye Martingale Sotonia CC 4.00

Dozen riders undeterred by heatwave conditions

It was a hot evening on the P128 course, Copythorne Circuit, last night for the dozen riders who chose to take on the unusually warm conditions for Sotonia's club 10 mile time trial.. For those that coped with the heat, some good times were achieved with the club's Mike Marsh the fastest male rider and Sien Van Der Plank of New Forest CC, the fast of the female competitors.

Race No Name Club Time

9 Mike Marsh Sotonia CC 23.01
11 Pat Lafford Crabwood CC 23.50
3 Will Goddard Sotonia CC 24.08
5 Richard Johnson Sotonia CC 24.12
12 Craig Smith Sotonia CC 24.40
7 Corbin Gregson Sotonia CC 25.09
8 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 25.40
4 Jason Harrison Sotonia CC 25.58
10 Sien Van Der Plank New Forest CC 26.18
6 Sarah Needle Sotonia CC 27.21
2 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 28.28
1 Emma Harrison Sotonia CC 32.46

You can see the riders in action here:

Hubbard on top in 25 mile TT championship

This year's club 25 mile TT champion is Jeremy Hubbard who beat a select field to take the title in the recent event (Thursday 28th July) on the P128 course, taking in three circuits based on Cadham, Copythorne and Netley Marsh.
Actual fastest on the night was guest rider, Pat Lafford, Crabwood CC, who was few seconds faster than Hubbard on the night with 1.00.25.
As this was the club's only 25 mile event of the season and the small field taking part (mirroring recent seasons) can we assume that what was in the past was considered to be a 'short distance' event is now considered beyond the current crop of riders? Something worth considering when planning events in future seasons perhaps?
In the meantime congratulations to Jeremy!

Jeremy Hubbard 1.00.37
Jon Dudley 1.01.13
Oliver Starkey 1.05.28
Corbin Gregson 1.06.27
Chris Summers 1.16.36

The lucky 13 tackle the 10 at Nomansland

There were 13 riders this morning for the club 10 at Nomansland. A bright day but with a stiff breeze made this tough course (P182) even tougher. Here are the times:
Number Name (s) Club Machine Finish Time
1 Michelle Lock GS Stella Road bike 32.29
2 Jenny Dawson Sotonia CC Road bike 33.18
3 Gary Chiverton Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Road bike 29.56
4 Hannah Polden Sotonia CC Road bike 33.09
5 Al Cooper Sotonia CC Road bike 29.05
6 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC Road bike 29.18
7 Corbin Gregson Sotonia CC Road bike 28.40
8 Dave Dent GS Stella Road bike 25.19
9 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC Road bike 32.54
10 Oliver Starkey Sotonia CC Road bike 28.20
11 Richard Burch Sotonia CC Road bike 30.52
12 Jon Legg Sotonia CC TT Bike 31.00
13 Graham Harman Sotonia CC Road bike 27.29