23 riders set off on a cool but dry morning.  All 23 completed the course in good time and Carlo’s did us proud providing a constant supply of food and drink at the finish.

Name Club Category Standard
Sandy Bell Sotonia Lady Veteran Silver
Tim Bowdler Sotonia Senior Silver
Tom Budden Sotonia Senior Gold
Richard Burch Sotonia Veteran Gold
Russ Davies VC St Raphael Veteran Gold
William Drabkin Sotonia Veteran Bronze
Brook Elgie Sotonia Senior Gold
Sheelagh Evans Sotonia Lady Veteran Bronze
John French Sotonia Veteran Silver
Bill Ingham Sotonia Veteran Silver
Oscar Ingham NFCC Junior Silver
Derek Jennings Sotonia Veteran Gold
Jon Legg Sotonia Senior Gold
Paul Macken Sotonia Veteran Silver
Nick Malbon Sotonia Veteran Silver
Peter Mulloy Sotonia Veteran Bronze
John Nixon Come and Try Veteran Silver
James Peckham Sotonia Senior Gold
Richard Stephens Sotonia Veteran Gold
John Tavender Sotonia Veteran Bronze
Will Weynberg Sotonia Senior Gold
Julian Wherrett Sotonia Veteran Silver
Colin Witt Sotonia Veteran Gold