Reliability Trial Results

Bourne Valley reliability ride start Nov 2019

Results: Bourne Valley reliability ride, 24 November 2019

A big thank-you to all 31 of you who took part in our Reliability Ride through the Bourne Valley on Sunday. A magnificent set of results, too: 25 Gold, 5 Silver awards, all of which were well within the time-limit (14mph average). Are these rides too easy? Or is cycle technology
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Fonthill Reliability

Fonthill Reliability Ride – Results

In spite of the cold, the cloud, and the remnants of the wind from Hannah, 17 riders turned up for the last of the early-season reliability rides of 2019, including three of our Fareham friends. As usual, there was a preponderance of gold medallists, though both the slower
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Bourne Supremacy Reliability Ride – Results

It was great to have so many riders taking part in this toughest of trials, and I was especially glad to see so many of our Fareham Wheeler friends, who represented a third of the field. What brilliant weather we had, too: 15 degrees and wall-to-wall sunshine, almost as good as
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Newton Tony Reliability Ride – Results

On a dry day with strong north-westerly winds, 21 riders turned up at Carlo’s in Wellow for a 9:30 start and all completed the course well within time. The going was tough on the way out (especially for anyone riding solo) but with the reward of wind assistance on the way
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Chilbolton 65 km Reliability Ride

A grey start turned into a sunny day for the last Sotonia reliability ride in 2018.  21 riders turned up at Romsey for a 9.30 start and all completed the course well within time.  Well done guys! Gold Standard Tom Budden Peter French Graham Harman Jez Hart Jon Legg Leon Maidment
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Bourne Valley Reliability Ride: 2018 results

The worst of the Beast from the East, aka the Siberian winter wind, fortunately arrived a day later than expected, and the second reliability trial of the new year went off without a hitch. 20 riders turned up at the start; a few didn’t finish, but most did, and they did so
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