Southern Regional CX Championships, Keynsham

It was a bitterly cold day at Keynsham near Bristol in the shadow of the old chocolate factory for the Western and Southern Regional Cyclocross Championships. The event hosted by ShamXross brought together some of the top riders from the Western and Wessex cyclocross leagues to battle the mud and obstacles including steep banks, a huge spiral, rollers and a sandpit.

The youth races started with a hard frost on the frozen ground but as the sun rose, a slick top layer formed on the course to send riders sliding on the flat grass corners. Team Sotonia still managed a fine haul of results and podiums and from the first race, with Freddie Trosh who took the U8 boys championship race. In the U10s Matilda Wilks and Jaya Martingale were first and second girls, Billy Dyer taking second place boy. Sophie Jacobs and Tom Wilks also second and third in the U12s. The U14 race saw Izzy Hall pick up another silver medal. Jon Dudley rounded off the podiums with his second place in the v60 men's race.

Other notable performances were Miles Horner and Louis Kirk with season bests to come 5th and 6th in the U16s and Jon Hall (4th v50).

Great riding everyone!


Provisional results:


Photos: Pitchside Paul


Round 8, Miche Wessex CX League, Newbury

We’re being spoilt with new venues in the 2021-22 Wessex league season - this week we took a tour of the vineyards at Cobbs Farm (complete with double decker bus café) near Hungerford for round 8 hosted by Newbury Velo.

The energy sapping course scurried up, down and across the chalky North Downs slopes in a return to dry conditions after last week’s heavy mud. Climbing from the start, riders even tackled a hole in the hedgerow as they wound their way to the top of a Strava art thumb before the four “fingers” of the switchback descent and a tricky set of barriers hiding round a corner at the bottom of a downhill section. With no Central league race scheduled, the location attracted plenty of that league’s “hitters” too as both v40 and v50 men’s races saw fields of nearly 100 riders each.

Sotonia kids got off to a flying start with a U8 win for Luke, 1st and 3rd for Matilda and Eva in the U10 girls, Billy 2nd place U10 boy. Tom and Sophie 2nd place U12 boy and girl. In the U14s, Izzy won the girls race with Tom and Niclas 2nd and 3rd in theirs. Miles was our top u16 finisher.

For the adults – husband, wife and series leaders, Gemma and Phil Wilks finished 6th and 8th in the senior races. Tom Budden took third place in the v40s and Jon Hall 9th in the v50 men.

This week also saw the first sight of the team league tables and it makes good reading for team Sotonia...

  • 1st Senior Women's team (awesome to go from no Sotonia women's teams to three this season!)
  • 1st v50 Men's team
  • 1st U14 Youth team
  • 2nd place v40 Men's team
  • 2nd place Senior Men's team

Great riding everyone!

Bourne Valley Reliability Ride report, 7 November 2021

A beautiful day and a fantastic turnout at RBS (Romsey Bus Station). Other clubs were well represented, including Braishfield, Nieuw Bos (new to me!), Southampton CTC, and eight of our Fareham friends (FWCC) were there to support us. The weather couldn’t have been better: dry, sunny and not too cold for the time of year.

Although the times were (as usual) on the fast side, with over half in the “Gold” category (16 mph or better), the average speed of participants ranged between 13 and 18 mph, and most enjoyed the company of others riding at a pace similar to theirs. (Domestique-of-the-day awared shared between Paul Whitaker and Leon Kuzmicz!)

Thanks to Café Fresh for courteous catering, and serving as headquarters.



GOLD (16+ mph)

Richard Burch
Joffrey Carlier
Gregson Corbin
Simon Greenway
Jon Legg
Nick Malbon
Alistair McNiece (Nieuw Bos)
Stuart Rann (FWCC)
Chris Rastray (guest)
Steve Reed
Bradley Robinson
Lee Shirley
Nigel Sign (FWCC)
Rich Stephens
Don Stubbington
Paul Witcombe (Braishfield)
Colin Yeates


SILVER (14–16 mph)

David Barnes (FWCC)
Nigel Hughes (FWCC)
Steve Orriss (FWCC)
Wayne Prevett
Chriss Saunders (Southampton CTC)
Bruce Tandy (FWCC)
Jane Tandy (FWCC)


BRONZE (12–14 mph)

Serena Baldwin
Leon Kuzmicz
Paul Whitaker

Round 7, Miche Wessex CX League, Romsey

Be careful what you wish for they say, well mud lovers got a bit more than they bargained for at round 7 of the Miche Wessex CX league in a return to the New Forest Care Outdoor learning centre, near Romsey.

It was time for mud, a LOT of mud. Enough of the brown stuff in fact to make it a favourite for the runners as heavy rain in the days before gave us a super heavy course that cut up in the early races as the grass soon disappeared in the soup-like ground conditions. Kudos to hosts VC Venta who battled rain and gale force winds to set up and repair storm damage that even managed to blow the timing tent away!

Special mention for our growing women's team, many of whom are new to cyclocross this year and are handling some tough and technical courses brilliantly. Of our five riders, Gemma Wilks was top senior woman finisher in 6th place. In the v40 men, Tom Budden went one better than last week, storming to second place.

By the afternoon, the v50 men’s race was greeted with driving sideways hail as Jon Hall was our top finisher in 7th, riders now forced to run the majority of the course. Finally, in the senior men’s race Chairman Phil Wilks secured his best result of the season and a series leaders jersey is heading his way!



Round 6, Miche Wessex CX League, Andover

Redenham Park, near Andover was the venue for round 6, hosted by Andover Wheelers who laid on a great spread and plenty of refreshment options for hungry riders and support crews.

The course on the country park estate, a mix of grass meadow and twisting, woodland single track with a short tarmac section and a couple of imposing bomb holes. Heavy mid-week rain failed to dampen the course save for a few squirrelly wood sections and the race pace was fast again. The bomb holes certainly played their part though in detonating the race action, claiming a few victims to the steep crater walls!

Back to back wins for Tom and Tilly in the u12 and u10s, Freddie on the u8 boys top step, joined by Samuel in 3rd. Tom and Niclas third and fourth u14 boys with Miles breaking into the top ten as a first year u16.

Tom Budden was back in action after injury in the v40 men, onto the podium in 3rd place and ex-Sotonia youth rider, Max Darnton (Nova RT) took his first win in the Junior men.

In the v50 men, Jon Hall took an early flyer but was pegged back by the eventual winner. Chairman Phil Wliks continued his fine run of top tens with 8th in the senior men. Gemma Wilks 7th Senior woman.

Well done everyone!

Photos: Pitchside Paul


Action from the Men's v50 race courtesy of Julian Gee:


Round 5, Miche Wessex CX League, Southampton

Dry conditions at a bone hard and dusty Southampton Sports Centre, witness to so many total mud baths over the years. Not this time for round 5 hosted by Sotonia, who laid on a ripping fast, flowing course full of banks and off-cambers that was high on adrenaline, low on trips to the pits.

Over 450 happy cross racers and a youth field of almost a 100 entries - possibly the largest in the country and so many glowing comments about the event!

It was great to see the course so full with happy kids in the autumn sunshine with bags of determination - Tilly and Eva ripping it up with a thrilling 1-2 in the U10 girls, Billy 3rd in the boys. Freddie and Luke both on the U8 boys podium. Niclas 7th U14 boys and Iz defending her series lead with a second place in the U14 girls. Emma and Miles our best u16s.

In the adult races, top finishers were Jon Hall 4th in the v50 men, Gemma Wilks 4th senior women. Cross newbie Ian Crocker racked up an impressive 7th in the V40 men, and James Peckham climbed to 8th in the senior men - both having started near the back of the grid.

Once again, big thanks to Jez and Tom for putting the event together, the Sotonia CX riders (all 61 of you), the helpers, marshals and supporters - you're all legends and we couldn't have done it without you.


Round 4, Miche Wessex CX League, Reading

After three dry September rounds of the Miche Wessex Cyclocross league, the Gods of Cross decided enough was enough and the heavens duly opened in early October ahead of round four with hosts, Reading CC, working hard to lay out the course early on race day. Riders faced the classic parkland parcours and twisting single track of Prospect Park. In the sunshine however, it was to be no mud bath as the ground dried in most parts with a high pace to some cracking race action.

Luke Hammond won his first race in the U8s and as his dad Roger used to ride a bit, maybe a taste of what's to come? Tom Wilks was also on the top step in the U12s with Billy, Tilly, Eve and Jaya all top 5 in the U10 races, Sophie second in U12s. In the U14s, Izzy proudly wore her series leader jersey and finished a fine second place,

In the women’s race, Gemma Wilks also got to don the leaders jersey for the first time, finishing 5th senior. Husband and Chairman, Phil also bagged a well deserved 8th in the senior men, having held 6th for most of the race.

Jon Hall said he wasn’t "feeling it" before the v50s race but his legs clearly had different ideas as he stormed to a 3rd place!

Special mention to the noisy bunch of Sotonia kids who cheered team riders racing later in the day as they struggled up "Hilly McHillFace" - it certainly put a smile on our faces!

Photos: @Phitchsidephoto

Results - Club 10 mile time trial P164 - 12 September 2021

The final club time trial of 2021 saw a big field that included an special appearance by ex-pro and celebrity, Jens Voigt who came along and rode "stoker" on a tandem trike with Mary Corbett as part of her Tandem Tart Challenge. Ever the professional, Jens was very happy to chat, mingle, take selfies with members and hand out signed photos.

Jens described their ride: “I haven’t had a better Sunday morning in a long time. We were blessed with the weather, friendly people surrounding us and I was able to put my muscles back in place. We were lucky enough to see all sorts of animals, donkeys ponies and cows.

Mary and me, we put our pride into not getting caught and we succeeded. We crushed one soul by passing him on his bike. I worked hard and did break a sweat. Mary was a fantastic pilot and I have never felt safer in my life.

I highly recommend to anyone reading this to try out the experience of riding a tandem trike.”

Thanks to Stuart Grace who kindly organised Jens to attend, our marshals, time keepers, organisers and friends who kindly came out to support the event.

Another big thank you goes to the magnificent photographer Paul Hammond whose photos can be found here



Pos Name Club Time
1 Neil Towns VC Venta 22.55
2 Liam Kemp SURC 22.59
3 Graham Harman Sotonia CC 23.49
4 Malcom Cox VC St Raphael 23.57
5 Craig Smith Sotonia CC 24.07
6 Sherif Attia SURC 24.12
7 Stuart Barrow Sotonia CC 24.13
8 Alex Asher Unattached 24.23
9 Ian Sherin 3C Cycle Club 24.25
10 James Peckham Sotonia CC 24.27
11 Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia CC 24.31
11 Rui Simpson SURC 24.31
13 John Sibley UTAG 24.58
14 Alex James Neuw Bos 25.15
15 Mary Corbett/Jens Voigt Sotonia CC/Guest 25.37
16 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC 25.40
17 Brendan Gregson Sotonia CC 26.18
18 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 26.49
19 Colin Yeates Crabwood CC 26.51
20 Mike Stevens Fareham Wheelers 27.07
21 Erica Fogg UTAG 27.18
22 Richard Burch Sotonia CC 27.14
23 Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers 27.41
24 Brian Coupe Sotonia CC 27.57
25 Corbin Gregson Sotonia CC 28.43
26 Phil Hoacham Unattached 29.32
27 Rob Hutchinson Sotonia CC 32.03
28 Mark Parkin Unattached 36.51


12 Hour Time Trial Championship success for Mary and Norman

Congratulations to veterans Mary Corbett and Norman Harvey on the massive achievement of riding 183 miles on their trike in the CTT National 12 Hour Championship in early August.

Mary: "I've always enjoyed the longer running and cycling events, the 12 hour being one of my favourites. So even when the old body let me down almost eight years ago, I never gave up hope of getting on the start line of a 12 hour time trial again.

Lockdown and a recent trip to see an immunologist gave me enormous insight into what my body can cope with, it taught me how to better manage my M.E. and how to keep the body battery topped up. That and the arrival of our beautiful Bonnie Bagheera at the end of March made the decision an easier one. At last, this was to be my chance.

We chose the CTT National Championship 12 hour which incorporated the VTTA National Championship 12 being held on 1 August. We just love the atmosphere of the National events.

In the build up to the race Norman and I were full of mixed emotions. With only a handful of longer rides under our belt, we would have to rely on our wealth of experience gained from riding many 12's together in the past. Not to put any pressure on ourselves, we chose a target of 130 miles, our vets standard being 128.934 miles. Anything over and above that would be a bonus.

All I can say is that come race day, those bonuses kept coming in. Each additional 10 miles lead to a feeling of ecstatic disbelief and once we had reached the finishing circuit with about 165 miles done and an hour and a quarter to go, I'm not ashamed to say I sobbed with happiness. After downing a tin of rice pudding each, along with some chocolate we pedalled an additional 18 miles where our time ran out at timekeeper number one.

Our official distance has been recorded as 183.30 miles. Not too shabby for an 88 year old super stoker and a pilot who has seen better days. We are tired, elated and still somewhat overwhelmed. I don't think it has quite sunk in yet. Of course we couldn't have done it without the support and cheery faces of our helpers, Penny Cossburn, Bob Damper, Christine Walker and Steve Walker. A massive thank you to you all."

Results – P182 road bike Interclub TT – 15 April 2021

Please find below the results from the Interclub Timetrial held on Thursday 15th April with New Forest CC on the P182 course at Nomansland. Well done everyone - it was certainly a chilly evening! Thanks to all the organisers, marshals and timekeepers.


1 Ant Gritton (Sotonia CC) 23.56
2 Kouros Driscoll (Sotonia CC) 24.49
3 Phil Brown (New Forest CC) 25.12
4 Charlie Hill (New Forest CC) 25.20
5 Phil Wilks (Sotonia CC) 26.01
6 Jon Hall (Sotonia CC, Veteran 50+) 26.03
7 Bobby Buenfield (New Forest CC, Youth) 26.15
8 Andrew Gardiner (Sotonia CC, Veteran 40+) 26.32
9 Jeremy Hubbard (Sotonia CC) 26.52
10= Stuart Barrow (Sotonia CC, Veteran 40+) 28.15
10= James Peckham (Sotonia CC) 28.15
12 Gavin Roberson (New Forest CC) 28.18
13= Ray Claridge (New Forest CC) 28.31
13= Craig Smith (Sotonia CC) 28.31
15= Mike Anderson (New Forest CC 2nd Claim, Veteran 60+) 28.54
15= Jon Dudley (Sotonia CC, Veteran 60+) 28.54
17 Jason Harrison (Sotonia CC, Veteran 40+) 29.04
18 Jonathan Chadwick (New Forest CC, Veteran 50+) 29.21
19 Daniel Gregory (Sotonia CC, Youth) 29.30
20= Arthur Law (Sotonia CC) 29.35
20= Phillip Connell (Sotonia CC, Veteran 50+) 29.35
22 Gawain Young (Sotonia CC, Veteran 40+) 29.39
23 Phil Harris (New Forest CC, Veteran 50+) 29.57
24 John Phillips (Sotonia CC, Veteran 60+) 30.41
25 Hayden Kirk (Sotonia CC, Veteran 50+) 30.43
26 Richard Parker (New Forest CC, Veteran 40+) 30.45
27 Louis Kirk (Sotonia CC, Youth) 30.58
28 Nik Williams (New Forest CC) 31.03
29 Alex Vaughan (Lymington Tri Club, Veteran 50+) 31.16
30 Niclas Olley (Sotonia CC, Youth) 31.37
31 Mick Anglim (New Forest CC, Veteran 60+) 32.37
32 Justin Olley (Sotonia CC, Veteran 50+) 33.04
33 Peter Weaver (New Forest CC, Veteran 60+) 34.47
34 Miles Horner (Sotonia CC, Youth) DNF



1 Gemma Wilks (Sotonia CC) 30.10
2 Suzanne Willis (Sotonia CC, Veteran 40+) 30.46
3 Hannah Griffiths (Sotonia CC) 31.43
4 Sonia Laurie (New Forest CC, Veteran 40+) 31.50
5 Suzy Howick (Sotonia CC, Veteran 50+) 33.18
6 Danielle Thomas (Sotonia CC, Women) 34.15
7 Verity Horner (Sotonia CC, Veteran 40+) 37.28
8 Catherine Pascoe (New Forest CC, Veteran 50+) 37.54


Pics courtesy of Nigel Aiken