Sotonia duo conquer the mighty Paris-Brest-Paris

Huge congratulations to Sotonia riders, Chris Moody and Rob Tomlinson on completing the big daddy Audax of them all, Paris-Brest-Paris - that’s 1200km in one go in this extraordinary event. The PBP is a self-supported ride from, er, Paris to Brest and back to Paris again. Not just anyone can enter: you have to have proved yourself as a super-Audaxer, which of course both Rob and Chris are.

With a time limit of 80 hours to complete the route officially, both riders made it, Chris finishing with 71 hours, 28 minutes and 50 seconds elapsed. Check out the photo from Chris - he apologises for the lack of quality, "My hands don't really work at the moment!"

Rob also made the time cut with 50 minutes to spare despite the trauma of a broken wheel and a frantic search for a bike shop after mechanics attempted to fix it. Eventually finding a shop, many miles off the course, Rob was able to find help and was stunned by their genorosity. as Rob says:

“I couldn’t believe it when the mechanic having asked earlier about where I’d come off the course then said someone was going to take me back there, this was a good 30 minute drive, I was so moved and emotional at this point and it was that one moment of kindness that drove me to finish, and in time limit!"

There were plenty of bitten nails for dot watchers following Rob’s progress but after a massive final effort, he came over the finish line with 50 minutes to spare after a last ditch dash in a time of 79:10:55.

Chapeau fellas!

P164 TT results - 22 August 2023

26 riders with an age spread of 13-76 years took part in our final club time trial in August on the p164 course near Beaulieu.

22 Sotonians rode, featuring 8 youth riders which was great to see. Fastest time was posted by Jeremy Hubbard with 22:57 even after an 11 hour drive from Inverness to be there! Impressive ride too from Niclas Olley of 24:27 as fastest youth.

Many thanks to organiser Phil Connell, our timekeepers and marshals.


Pos Name Club Time Category
1 Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia 22.57 TT
2 Niclas Olley Sotonia 24.27 Road
3 Jon Dudley Sotonia 24.31 TT
4 Marius Kwint VC Venta 24.52 TT
5 Joey Wynne Sotonia 25.34 Road
6 Jon Legg Sotonia 25.38 TT
7 Jason Harrison Sotonia 26.07 Road
8 Stan Phillips Sotonia 26.20 Road
9 Mitchell Todd 26.47 Road
10 George Connell Sotonia 27.01 Road
11 Samuel Ridgment Sotonia 27.07 TT
12 Ian MacDonald VS Vecchi 28.31 TT
13 Martin Nobbs Sotonia 28.39 TT
14 Mick Anglim NFCC 28.57 TT
15 Lucy Phillips Sotonia 29.35 Road
16 Debbie Hallett Sotonia 29.39 TT
17 James Blankley Sotonia 30.04 Road
18 Mark Riley Sotonia 30.04 Road
19 Chris Summers Sotonia 30.15 TT
20 Emma Harrison Sotonia 30.24 Road
21 Justin Ridgment Sotonia 31.00 Road
22 Steve Phillips Sotonia 31.34 Road
23 Si Blankley Sotonia 32.00 Road
24 Nigel Aiken Sotonia 32.35 Road
25 Corbin Gregson VC Venta 35.17 Road
26 Laura Phillips Sotonia 35.17 Road

Zwift Racing League is back!

It’s raining outside, which is an unwelcome reminder of things to come. But fear not, Zwift Racing League (ZRL) is back, to keep you motivated across the winter on your turbo.

Sotonia has a strong record in the ZRL, entering women’s, mixed and men’s teams across all categories, along with our men’s Sotonia Buzz team winning their division last time out. But we welcome all riders, regardless of standard or experience. We are particularly looking for men to race in category A and women to race in category C (you can read more about the categories in our Guide to ZRL). We also welcome men to join our B team (which we may be able to split into two teams if we have enough riders). And if we have riders from other categories who are interested, we’ll see if we can form a new team.

The first round will be a six week round, each Tuesday evening, starting September 12th. Races are usually about 45 - 60 minutes long; their start time depends on the team you are in, but we usually enter teams to start between 18:30 and 19:30. There will be a second 6-week round starting November 14th, and a third starting January 16th, before the finals in March/April. But you don’t have to commit to the whole series, and you wouldn’t have to race every week.


Get yourself signed up!

You can find out more in our Guide to ZRL. If you are interested in riding, send us an email on and we’ll get in touch. First race is on September 12th, so we need to have this all sorted in the next three weeks.

Ride on!


July Segment Of The Month results

July’s segment took Sotonians out to a brutally steep (and mercifully short) climb up Lynch Lane in West Meon. Sophie Sellars continued her dominance in the women’s competition, and had a good gap to Jen Dawson and Emma Harrison in 2nd equal. Sophie leads the overall competition but is being chased hard by Jen Dawson and Debbie Hallett; a strategic use of their joker could change the overall result.

In the women’s U16 competition, Issy Hall was beaten into second place for the first time this season, with Emma Harrison claiming the top step. Their order is reversed for the overall competition, however.

Andy Gardiner chose a good month to play his joker; he was only one second off the KoM time, and rightfully claimed the top monthly spot. The youngsters came to the fore on this climb, with Tom Allen, Niclas Olley and George Connell earning 2nd, 3rd and 4th places respectively. Andy’s position in the overall competition looks pretty unassailable, but there’s strong competition for the other two places on the podium, with Paul Macken and Aaron Barry currently occupying them. But Jeremy Hubbard is lurking dangerously, and has yet to play his joker. Special mention to John Phillips, one of our vets riders, who is high up in the pecking order too.

In the men’s U16 competition, George Connell has a good lead, but is again vulnerable to a yet-to-be-played joker from Niclas Olley in second. They have a large gap to Corbin Gregson in third.

Full results can be seen here.

The August segment is uphill again, but a gentler 3% gradient up Furzedown Hill, just outside King’s Somborne. It’s never too late to join the fun; full instructions are here.


Sotonia vs VC Venta Interclub TT (P161)

The results are in for Interclub 10 mie time trial between hosting club, Sotonia and VC Venta held on a new variation of the Lyndhurst/Beaulieu course – the P161.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to help and/or ride – all went off well and amazingly we missed the rain! Particular thanks to the timekeepers Mary Corbett, Norman Harvey, Martin Napier and Dave Crocker. Special mention to the two volunteer marshals Wout Davidse and Claire Johnson. We need more members like these guys (Claire has only ridden one TT herself so far), as it’s bit embarrassing as the host club not to be able to support the event with members to help riders round the course and to improve safety.

Anyway, to the result – congratulations to Venta on the overall victory… but then it was only for fun and I hope those that rode enjoyed themselves on a tough night.

Julian Gee

June Segment Of The Month results

31 Sotonians braved the heat of June to sweat it out on a flat Coach Road going West out at the Tytherleys. Izzy Hall took the honours in both the U16 ladies and the all-comer ladies competition. Sophie Sellars showed both speed and strategic skill to play her joker on her second place, earning 8 bonus points. Jen Dawsontook third place.

That leaves Sophie on the top step in the cumulative competition, with some clear water between her and Jen Dawson in second and Debbie Hallett in third. Neither of those, though, have played their jokers yet.

In the U16 mens, Niclas Olley came home 3 seconds ahead of George Connell. Those two are tied at the top of the season competition, with Corbin Gregson now some way behind.

Although Andy Gardiner posted a time that was equal to the previous fastest time, Will Weynberg’s effort saw him set a new segment KoM, thereby guaranteeing top spot for the month. Jon Hall came in third. A solid 4th place from Jeremy Hubbard sees him into second place in the season competition, with Andy ahead of him and Jon behind.


July's segment

This month is a leg burning short 12% climb up Lynch Lane in West Meon. If you want to play your joker, let us know at by Monday 3rd. As always, it’s never too late to join: the competition runs until October and full instructions are available here.

Full results are available here.


10 mile Club Championship TT, P164, 13 June 2023

Congratulations to our 10 mile trial club champions for 2023:

Junior girl champion: Skye Martingale

Junior boy champion: Niclas Olley

Senior woman champion: Gemma Wilks

Senior man Champion: Phil Wilks


Many thanks to organiser Stuart Martingale and timekeepers - Mary Corbett, Dave Crocker, Norman Harvey and Martin Napier.


TT Bike Women

Pos Name Club Time
1 Holly Ramsey Tofauti Everyone Active 22.43
2 Skye Martingale Sotonia 28.28
3 Debbie Hallett Sotonia 29.24


Road Bike Women

Pos Name Club Time
1 Izzy Hall Sotonia 28.41
2 Gemma Wilks Sotonia 28.53
3 Emma Harrison Sotonia 29.18
4 Lucy Phillips Sotonia 30.11
5 Ella Ridgment Sotonia 32.48
6 Marit Davidse Sotonia 40.10



TT Bike Men

Pos Name Club Time
1 Matt Downie TAAP Endura 20.26
2 Phil Wilks Sotonia 23.04
3 Tony Maschio Sotonia 23.27
4 Ollie Hutchings VC Venta 23.33
4 Graham Harman Sotonia 23.33
6 Jon Hall Sotonia 23.50
7 Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia 24.21
8 Jon Dudley Sotonia 24.22
9 Phil Connell Sotonia 25.04
10 Jon Legg Sotonia 25.20
11 Martin Nobbs Sotonia 28.12
12 Ian Wall Sotonia 28.21
13 Chris Summers Sotonia 29.31
14 David England Crabwood 30.29



Road Bike Men

Pos Name Club Time
1 Tom Budden Sotonia 23.23
2 Mike Marsh Sotonia 23.36
3 Joey Wynne Sotonia 24.16
4 Corbin Gegson VC Venta 24.39
5 Nicolas Olley Sotonia 24.58
6 James Peckham Sotonia 25.01
7 Jason Harrison Sotonia 25.53
8 Tom Allen Sotonia 26.14
9 Tom Trueman Sotonia 26.46
10 Stanley Phillips Sotonia 26.50
11 George Connell Sotonia 26.53
12 Lee Shirley Sotonia 27.05
13 Tom Wilks Sotonia 27.29
14 Darren Pike Sotonia 27.46
15 Mark Allen Sotonia 28.12
16 Richard Burch Sotonia 28.24
17 James Blankley Sotonia 29.52
18 Justin Ridgment Sotonia 30.53
19 Mark Riley Sotonia 31.07
20 Steven Phillips Sotonia 32.02
21 Si Blankley Sotonia 32.20
22 Wout Davidse Sotonia 33.40

May Segment Of The Month results

We had 35 riders in this month’s segment of the month competition, which means that we’ve changed the points structure to give points to the top 20 (previously top 15). It’s good to see the added competition, as well as more youth joining the competition.

In the U16 female, Izzy Hall did well to play her joker: she came first and gained 10 extra bonus points. Emma Harrison came in second. Emma still tops the season results, though, thanks to competing across two months.

Izzy Hall’s time was also the fastest overall female, beating, Sophie Sellars into second, with Wendy Knowlton taking third. Just three points separate the top three women: Sophie Sellars leads the group, followed by Jen Dawson and Debbie Hallett.

The U16 male competition is tight. Niclas Olley was the fastest this month, with George Connell coming in second, followed by Myles Ward. George heads the overall standings by one point from Niclas; this one may come down to who plays their joker best.

In the male all comers competition, Andy Gardiner ensured first place by setting a new KoM. Jon Hall played a strategic joker with his second place, which he also shared with Joey Wynne. Jeremy Hubbard took the last spot on the podium. This leaves Andy leading Jeremy and Aaron Barry in the overall standings.

Full results are viewable here.

This month we go to the Tytherleys for Coach road going west. The climbers can take a rest, as the power riders come out to play on a 2 km pan flat extravaganza.

It’s never too late to join the fun. For information on how to join in, read the document here. And if you want to play your joker, you have 48 hours remaining, as it needs to be sent in by the end of Saturday. Good luck!


P141 TT results - 18 May 2023

Pos Name Club Gender Time Category
1 Tony Maschio Sotonia Male 23.47 TT bike
2 Mike Marsh Sotonia Male 23.54 TT bike
3 Corbin Gregson Sotonia Male 25.03 Road bike
4 Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia Male 25.13 TT bike
5 Jon Dudley Sotonia Male 25.45 TT bike
6 Jon Legg Sotonia Male 26.42 TT bike
7 Daniel West GS Mossa Male 26.55 TT bike
8 Richard Burch Sotonia Male 29.21 Road bike
9 Mick Anglim NFCC Male 30.13 TT bike
10 Charlotte Starkey N/A Female 30.48 TT bike
11 Martin Napier Sotonia Male 35.55 Road bike
12 Oliver Starkey N/A Male DNF

April Segment Of The Month results

April’s Strava segment took us out to the Forest, for a 2.5 km flat stretch on Hatch Pond to Brock. This was one for the weather watchers; you can tell those who found a tailwind to boost their times. Or at least, that’s what I’m saying to console myself with my time.

Debbie Hallett and Jen Dawson resumed their rivalry in the women’s competition, starting this season as they ended last: Debbie first, closely followed by Jen. Sophie Sellars took third, and Emma Harrison was the sole U16 female rider, so took the points.

New entrant to the competition, Aaron Barry, was fastest male, with a time 9 seconds faster than second, and the fastest time recorded this year on that segment. Paul Macken came in second, and Jeremy Hubbard made a welcome return to competition, taking third. Sneaky Andy Gardiner (last year’s competition winner) heads the competition though, courtesy of his 5 point bonus for having suggested that segment.

George Connell took first place in the U16 male competition, with a time that also put him in 7th place overall. It’s good to see some competition there, with Corbin Gregson and Niclas Olley rounding out the podium.

Full results are viewable here.


May's segment

The May segment will be Bridge to 30 mph sign, a steady 1.5 km drag up to Furzley.

Remember to let us know by Wednesday 3 May, either by posting in the SOTM Strava club, or by email to if you intend to play your joker.

This competition is open to all Sotonia members. Full details on how to join are available here.