Well, you may or may not be able to rely on England at the Euros, but you can rely on our segment of the month delivering.

In June, 22 Sotonians pulled themselves up the steep Loosehanger climb. Fastest overall was James Gilfillian, a new entrant to the competition, followed by last season’s overall competition winner, Andy Gardiner and then Will Weynberg.

Nothing could separate Jen Dawson and Sophie Sellars though, who shared the top step in the female competition, with Debbie Hallett taking third place.

Izzy Hall sat this month out, so there was no U16 female rider. Tom Allen was the sole U16 male rider, with a superb time that also placed him 7th in the open men’s competition.

It’s early in the season to read too much into the GC, but once again it looks like a competition between Jen and Sophie for the female top spot; 3 points separate those two. Will Weynberg heads the men’s competition by two points from Ed Slot.

Full results are viewable at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JK7LTq2wZX9MLy-DbK_JTsKVcCPXsXvpFgRB2cAEMec/edit?usp=sharing

Next month is a return to the rouleur competition. Choose a day when you get a westerly wind to blow you along the King Somborne Flat, and you’ll fly down this 5.5 km almost pan flat segment. https://www.strava.com/segments/5672925

And if you want to play your joker, let us know by the end of the third day of the month. Full rules of the completion are available at https://docs.google.com/document/d/16wxgkBCLWIyCIM9Ne3VOcBkP8jy1lXe3fKleM4EH02w/edit?usp=sharing