Round 3 of the Zwift Racing League started last night, and saw a strong start for Sotonia. Our women’s C team (Sotonia Cranks) finished 3rd overall, placing Vikki Sutcliffe, Donna Bennett and Gemma Wilks in the top 10. Was it just a coincidence that they did so well despite losing touch with their DS Richard Johnson, who lost his microphone connection during the key phase of the race?

Sotonia Bees (open B category) finished 2nd, led to glory by Chris Moody’s superbly timed attack at the end to take first place. Along with Jerome Bakker, Chris then doubled up, to ride with Sotonia Buzz (open B category) just 90 seconds later. Remarkably, Chris pulled off his second win of the night, and again led his team to an overall second place finish. Kudos Chris, and welcome to Tom Pritchard and Jim Martin, making their debut for Buzz.

SotoniAs (open A category) are in a tough division. How tough? Well, they’re competing with Alex Dowsett, who only managed to finish 19th on the night. Not put off, SotoniAs finished 8/11, with just 5 riders. Welcome back Andy Gardiner and Ant Gritton to the SotoniAs fold.

They’ll all be lining up again next Tuesday night, for a points race around Makuri Island’s Island Hopper course. Let us know if you’d like to join them.