Sotonia’s first evening 10 mile TT on the popular Romsey course did not attract as many entrants as would normally be expected.  It was a dark evening with rain in the air, however, it stayed dry for the event and some good times were recorded for the “long” 10 mile course (actually 17km!).  Results as follows:

Pos Name Club Time Points Age Cat
1 Matthew Downie Primera Team-Jobs 22.49
2 Charlie Walters VC Venta 23.53
3 Phil Wilks Sotonia 23.58 Senior
4 Craig Bunyan Come and Try 25.04
5 James Dick Tri Team Wessex 25.05
6 Jon Legg Sotonia 26.35 40-49
7 Will Weynberg Sotonia 26.36 Senior
8 Richard Parker NFCC 26.46
9 Craig Mainprize Come and Try 27.27
10 Evan Jardine-Skinner Sotonia 26.48 40-49
11 Angela Burnikell Sotonia 27.05 Woman 40-49
12 Matt Wright Come and Try 27.27
13 Russ Davies VC St Raphael 28.10
14 Shaun Hurworth Sotonia 28.18 Senior
15 Richard Burch Sotonia 29.21 40-49
16 Tim Stevens Sotonia 30.26 50-59
17 Sandy Bell Sotonia 31.11 Woman 50-59



A note from the timekeepers:

Six riders failed to call their numbers when finishing. Unless you call your number, we cannot always identify you, especially if several riders arrive close together! We cannot, especially if inside the car as last night, due to the weather, always identify numbers UNLESS YOU CALL OUT please !!!


Thanks to…

Sotonia Time Trials are organised by Club members – this event could not have taken place without:

Organiser: Julian Gee
Timekeepers:  Martin Napier, Dave Crocker, Mary Corbett, Jan Burnage
Marshalls etc: Norman Harvey, John Chapman, Phil Nightingale, Tim Cooke, Penny Cossburn