Sunday clubrun

Date: Sunday 9 May 2021
Time: 9:00am
Location: North Baddesley

Start times

Sunday club runs start at 9am April-October and 9:30am November-March.


Finding us

Sunday and Wednesday club runs leave from the car park next to the Fleming Avenue Shopping Parade in North Baddesley, SO52 9EN.


Riding with Sotonia

If you are new to the club and would like to join one of our rides, see our Riding with us page for more information. Please bring along a completed new rider form and when you turn up let people know you’re new so we can help you find a group to ride with.


Covid-19 guidance

With the easing of lockdown regulations on 29th March, allowing 6 people to exercise together again. The guidance below is intended to help our members organise rides and meet up in a way that facilitates social distancing. In line with the easing of lockdown measures, we ask that members to stick to a maximum of 6 people per group for the time being.


Organising rides

Having considered the options, we are asking members once again to organise rides in advance rather than turn up at North Baddesley hoping to join a group.

Some members will be riding with friends or arranging rides via email, but all members are welcome to join our Slack workspace, which we were using to organise group rides with a range of different average speeds and distances before the “Stay at home” lockdown. When you join you won’t see all the available channels and will need to use the Channel browser to find and join channels.


Meeting up

Each group can meet up when and where they want, but if you use our traditional meetup point off Fleming Avenue in North Baddesley, please see the map below. We’ve defined 9 zones to ensure groups stay far enough apart to ensure social distancing and to avoid obstructing members of the public using the shops, car park and recycling facilities.

The plan is for groups to agree on a time and zone to meet up at, and if another group is already using that zone when you arrive, simply use another one. Zones 2 & 3 should be avoided if the car park is busy.