It was a cold morning on the 14.5 mile course near Nomansland. We had a strong field of riders, particularly in the Road Bike category. Sotonia’s Ed Slot brought home the win, with a narrow 4 second margin to Samuel Wadsley of Primera-Teamjobs in second place. Brook Elgie also made the top five in the road bike category, and Rebecca Stubbs finished 2nd place in the women’s TT bike category.

James Peckham judged his effort perfectly to pick up the spot prize for 10th place, his recent Tenerife training camp obviously heightening his racing senses.

Special mention to Dan Edwards and his fiancée Sarah who not only pushed off all the riders but then collected the signs from around the course while the prize presentation was taking place.

Phil Wilks

Dave Crocker
Martin Napier
Mary Corbett
Norman Harvey

Dan Edwards
Jon Chapman
Julian Gee
Philip Nightingale
Sarah Nicholson
Steve Wilks

Road Bikes

# First name Club Gender Time
1 Ed Slot Sotonia CC Male 36-45
2 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs Male 36-49
3 Dave Dent GS Stella Male 37-22
4 Callum Dunford JAM Cycle Race Team coached by BPC Male 37-26
5 Brook Elgie Sotonia CC Male 38-27
6 Richard Hamilton Sarum Velo Male 38-34
7 Craig Wallington Sarum Velo Male 38-37
8 James Horton Velo Club St Raphael Male 38-44
9 Neil Mackley …a3crg Male 38-50
10 James Peckham Sotonia CC Male 38-55
11 Jamie Franklin Velo Club Venta Male 39-51
12 Matt Todd Poole Whs Male 39-52
13 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male 39-55
14 Richard Porter CC Weymouth Male 39-56
15 Jeremy Hubbard Hargroves Cycles CC Male 40-09
16 Andy Self North Hampshire RC Male 40-19
17 Matt Harris …a3crg Male 40-31
18 Simon Lock Poole Whs Male 41-11
19 Angela Carpenter …a3crg Female 41-22
20 Cameron Taylor Sotonia CC Male 41-32
21 Henry Salmon University of Southampton RC Male 41-42
22 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill CC Male 41-56
23 Joshua Lahiri Portsdown Hill CC Male 42-24
24 Ian Sherin 3C Cyclexperience Male 43-27
25 Jerry Bromyard …a3crg Male 43-33
26 Jamie Whitcher Bournemouth Cycleworks etc Male 44-21
27 Tim Mason-desave DHCyclesport Cycling Club Male 44-24
28 Richard Bradley 3C Cyclexperience Male 44-58
29 James Davenport Nieuw Bos Male 45-20
30 James Horan South Downs Bikes / Casco Pet Male 46-00
31 Sien Van Der Plank University of Southampton RC Female 46-37
32 Mike Garner …a3crg Male 46-51
33 Damon Payne Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male 47-00
34 Robert Pretorius …a3crg Male 47-06
35 Lucy Mitchell Petersfield Triathlon Club Female 47-15
36 Mike Anderson Club Cycliste Moncontourais Male 47-29
37 Vernon Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC Male 47-31
38 Steve Reed Sotonia CC Male 49-10
39 Wayne Prevett Sotonia CC Male 50-08
40 Guy Chappelle …a3crg Male 51-04
41 William Simmons Christchurch Bicycle Club Male 56-06
42 Martin Balk 3C Cyclexperience Male 59-46
44 Phil Morris Fareham Wheelers CC Male DNF
43 Thom Hayward Velo Club Venta Male DNF
Rob Crutchfield Southampton Tri Club Male DNS
Edward Scarrow VC Norwich Male DNS
Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael Male DNS
Andrew Mayfield Bournemouth Arrow CC Male DNS
David Brazier Sarum Velo Male DNSa
Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC Female DNSa
Rick Evans Racing Club Ravenna Male DNSa
Mitchell Webber Andover Wheelers Male DNSa

TT Bikes

# First name Club Gender Time
1 Nick Tarmey Velo Club Venta Male 35-19
2 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male 36-07
3 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael Male 36-35
4 Brendan Reese Army Cycling Male 38-03
5 Arthur Boulton Vision Innovative Leisure Racing Team Male 38-49
6 Harry Johnson Velo Club St Raphael Male 39-00
7 Philip Dickson Poole Whs Male 39-17
8 James Goward Farnborough & Camberley CC Male 39-30
9 Gary Roberts Portsmouth Triathletes Male 41-06
10 Patrick Brennan …a3crg Male 41-59
11 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male 42-04
12 Kirsty Mcseveney …a3crg Female 43-33
13 Rebecca Stubbs Sotonia CC Female 43-37
14 Stuart Thompson Velo Club St Raphael Male 44-19
15 Lili Mclean Andover Wheelers Female 46-54
16 Michelle Lock GS Stella Female 48-39
Paul Edmonds Southampton Tri Club Male DNSa
Nick Austin Sotonia CC Male DNSa
Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Male DNSa