Harry at Redlynch

Harry Parsons tops the climb at Redlynch

In welcome contrast to the cold and windy weather at the leg loosener on Sunday, it was a warm evening with just a hint of a gentle breeze for the Club 10 on the P182c at Nomansland.

9 riders took part, one for each of the 9 people who organised, kept time and marshalled.

All competitors bar one were on standard road bikes, and Mary Corbett was partnered with Jon Chapman on the tandem.

Thanks to…

    • Organisers: Ted & Wendy Knowlton
    • Timekeepers: Dave Crocker, Martin Napier, Norman Harvey
    • Pusher off: Philip Nightingale
    • Marshals: Ian Stewart, Jim Cooke, Phil Wilks


Position Name Club Time
1 Harry Parsons Sotonia CC 26-06
2 Cameron Taylor Sotonia CC 26-57
3 Jon Chapman / Mary Corbett Sotonia CC 29-04
n/a Brian Coupe (TT Bike) Crabwood / Sotonia 2nd claim 30-23
4 Jamie Doel Sotonia CC 30-26
5 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 30-28
6 Wayne Prevett Sotonia CC 32-22
7 Gema Wilks Sotonia CC 32-59
8 Ted Knowlton Sotonia CC 33-04


Photos courtesy of Tim Cooke

Wayne PrevettGemma WilksMary Corbett & Jon ChapmanTed KnowltonCameron TaylorJon LeggBrian CoupeJamie Doel