It was yet another sunny evening at Thruxton for the fifth round of the Behind The Bikeshed Summer Series. This week saw a diminished number of Sotonia riders in the 3/4 cat race, just Will Weynberg in fact, but still a healthy field of 65 riders lining up for the nine lap race.

The race got off to a furious first three laps with attack after attack trying to slip away from the field. Will tried his hand to get away in an early break but the wind and the large field size made this near on impossible especially when everyone had fresh legs.

Throughout the race there were attacks from ones and twos but with limited success. Nobody gained any great margin and it looked increasingly likely that the race was going to end in a sprint finish.

In the final lap Will moved himself up into the top 15 riders and advanced even further up the field up the final hill and coming out of the final chicane was in a perfect position to launch a strong sprint. He came past the five riders ahead of him and surged for the line to take the victory by over a bike length.

That’s two race wins and three top fives for Will this year already who is flying right now! Hopefully we will get some similar results at the Winchester Park & Ride on Sunday, and a few more in the team for Thruxton next week.