Many thanks to Crabwood CC for allowing Sotonia to invade their time trial to run the Sotonia 10 mile championships after the original event was cancelled due to heavy rain.

The weather was marginally better this time round, and there was a great turnout of 25 riders.

Phil Wilks took the win by a margin of 40 seconds from Brendon Reese with Graham Harman close behind.

Debbie Hallet was the fastest women, with a 35 second margin over Sotonia member Wendy Knowlton.

Special mention to Evan Jardine-Skinner who stopped after 6 miles to help another competitor who had crashed off his bike in the slippery conditions. Evan was one of the favourites for the championships, and showed excellent sportsmanship in stopping to assist another rider.


Name Time
Phil Wilks 22m 37s
Brendon Reese 23m 17s
Graham Harman 23m 27s
Jim Willis 24m 10s
Tony Machio 24m 27s
Stuart Peckham 25m 06s
Mike Anderson 25m 32s
Grey Mead 25m 50s
Simon Wheeler 26m 02s
John Dudley 26m 07s
Brian Coupe 27m 08s
Jon Legg 27m 18s
Matt Davidson 27m 24s
Alan Bigwood 27m 42s
Debbie Hallet 28m 23s
Wendy Knowlton 28m 58s
Ted Knowlton 29m 18s
Chris Cummers 29m 35s
Dave England 29m 58s
John S-Bisson 30m 14s
Julia Baker-Beale 32m 09s
Martin Napier 33m 45s
Mary Corbett (trike) 36m 34s
Lee Dexter DNF
Evan Jardine-Skinner DNF