Sotonia’s annual handicap chase up the Alpe has been set for Tuesday 9 January 2024, with the first riders setting off at 1830.

This is a great event for all Zwifters, whatever your level of experience or skill. The handicap system will give slower riders an advantage over the faster riders, with the intention that everybody gets to the top at the same time. You can set yourself the challenge of completing the ride, beating your handicap, or being the first to the top. While it’s available, this really doesn’t have to be proper type II suffering.

We’ll be joined by riders from VC Venta and Poole Wheelers. Last year I ‘fiddled the handicaps’ which led to me being the first across the line. Can I defend my title? Can Will Weynberg defend his fastest men’s segment time? Can Sarah Champion defend hers? And who’ll challenge Sam Ridgment’s U16 title? Can Oscar Hoult retain his crown as the fastest non-Sotonia rider?

All will be revealed on Tuesday 9 January. Find out more details here and sign on in our Sotonia CC companion app club.

Tim Cooke