Ice in the early morning meant a route change on to salted roads for the first few miles.  Of the 15 starters only one failed to finish in the rapidly deteriorating weather conditions, however, all bar one completed the course before heavy rain set in during the afternoon.  The results are as follows:

Name Club Category Standard
Chilbolton 35
Wherrett Julian Sotonia Veteran 60+ Bronze
Alresford 60
Bowdler Tim Sotonia Senior Silver
Budden Tom Sotonia Senior Gold
Hunter Jahan Sotonia Senior Gold
Jennings Adam Come and Try Senior Gold
Legg Jon Sotonia Senior Silver
Weynberg Will Sotonia Senior Gold
Burch Richard Sotonia Veteran 40-59 Silver
French John Sotonia Veteran 40-59 Silver
Jennings Derek Sotonia Veteran 40-59 Gold
Phillips John Sotonia Veteran 40-59 Silver
Yeates Colin Sotonia Veteran 40-59 Gold
Damper Bob Sotonia Veteran 60+ Bronze
Sewell Colin Sotonia Veteran 60+ Silver