Results of the 53 mile Bourne Valley Reliability Ride held on Sunday, 29th November 2015 as follows:

Name Club Standard
Richard Burch Sotonia Gold
Brook Elgie Sotonia Gold
Chris Moody Sotonia Gold
James Peckham Sotonia Gold
Colin Sewell Sotonia Gold
Russell Speight Sotonia Gold
Rich Stephens Sotonia Gold
Will Weinberg Sotonia Gold
Paul Witcombe Sotonia Gold
Pete Baldwin Sotonia Silver
Mick Bradban Sotonia Silver
James Brown Visitor Silver
Neil Burningham Visitor Silver
Simon Greenway Sotonia Silver
Lou Otway Visitor Silver
Martin Roscoe Sotonia Silver
Darren Strickland Sotonia Silver
Colin Witt Sotonia Silver
Mark Edwards Sotonia Silver
Bob Damper Sotonia Bronze
Leon Kuzmicz Sotonia Bronze