This year’s club 25 mile TT champion is Jeremy Hubbard who beat a select field to take the title in the recent event (Thursday 28th July) on the P128 course, taking in three circuits based on Cadham, Copythorne and Netley Marsh.
Actual fastest on the night was guest rider, Pat Lafford, Crabwood CC, who was few seconds faster than Hubbard on the night with 1.00.25.
As this was the club’s only 25 mile event of the season and the small field taking part (mirroring recent seasons) can we assume that what was in the past was considered to be a ‘short distance’ event is now considered beyond the current crop of riders? Something worth considering when planning events in future seasons perhaps?
In the meantime congratulations to Jeremy!

Jeremy Hubbard 1.00.37
Jon Dudley 1.01.13
Oliver Starkey 1.05.28
Corbin Gregson 1.06.27
Chris Summers 1.16.36