July’s segment took Sotonians into the heart of the Forest, for a lengthy false flat through Rhinefield Drive. Isabella Hall once again was the sole U16 female athlete in a time that was second fastest overall in the female category, beaten only by Sarah Needle, the competition leader. Jen Dawson was the third fastest through the segment but is squeezed off the season podium by Debbie Hallett and Issy Hall, who share second spot. Welcome to Mel Cook, who joined the competition this month.

George Connell continues his domination of the U16 male category (and of his Dad, sorry Phil!) although Corbin Gregson is breathing down his neck. Andy Gardiner took advantage of Will Weynberg’s absence to record the fastest segment time and establish a clear lead at the top of the overall competition, 9 points clear of second place Paul Macken. Richard Johnson was second fastest through the segment, and he shared the podium with Jeremy Hubbard. We welcomed Martin Cole and Paul Kent to the competition this month.

Full results are available at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JsG4Ln3hDt3vrMHjDF7bwmaoJNq6bS5ZHPOtWPQSxZE/edit#gid=0

Nobody backed themselves with a joker in July, so there are a few left to be played in the rest of the season. August sees the riders tackle a beautiful rolling parkland outside Longstockhttps://www.strava.com/segments/31278767 , and maybe reward themselves with a nice coffee and cake in Waitrose in the Woods. As ever, it’s not too late for any Sotonian to join the competition. Just check out the details here  or drop me a message.