Things are hotting up now in the Sotonia segment of the month competition. Jen Dawson was the fastest female climber up Cow Drove Hill, closely followed by Sarah Needle and Izzy Hall. Izzy, of course, was the fastest U16 female, and once again, as the sole competitor so far, she heads up the U16 overall competition. But in the female overall, things are very tight, with Debbie and Sarah tied at the top, only 2 points ahead of Jen and Izzy.

In the men’s competition, Andy Gardiner beat Will Weynberg into second place, with Ian Crocker taking the final spot on the podium. In the overall, Will still has clear Sotonia red/orange water between him and Andy in second place, with Paul Macken in third. Very special mention to George Connell, a new entrant in the U16 male competition; his time was the fifth fastest in the men’s section, and more than enough to win the U16 fastest time. Good to see Corbin Gregson in the competition now to offer some additional challenge to George.

This month’s segment is much longer: 5 km in the Forest, with a gentle slope up Rhinefield Drive. This will favour those who know how to dose their effort over a longer distance.

As always, it’s never too late to enter the competition, if you’re a Sotonia member. Just read the invitation document here.