Event photos

All photos from the event can be found on this Sotonia CC photo album on Facebook. This is accessible to anyone, even if you don’t use Facebook.

A note from the organisers

When we got started with organising this event we had it our minds that about 50 riders would be a good target for the event and something to build on. We were bowled over when we saw the entries keep on coming through right until the last minute, finishing off with almost 90 riders!

It was great to see so many first time racers in amongst the entries and we hope those of you who hadn’t raced in a TT before the event will continue to do so.

The process of putting everything together has been pretty full on at times, especially as this was not only the first TT either of us had organised but it was also on a brand new course which adds additional complications. We definitely have a new found respect for those regular event organisers that keep us all occupied between March and September. That said we haven’t been put off and we will be running two events next season (watch this space) including the Leg Loosener again in September 2017.

We hope everyone has a good winter and look forward to seeing you all in March for the next event. If you haven’t done so already please like Sotonia CC on Facebook and be the first to know about it.

Dan and Phil

Rider interviews

We were able to interview a few of the prize winners after the event.

James Boyman neglected to mention below that his little trip to check out the course was as part of a 120 mile ride, completed at 21.5mph. Not bad.

James Boyman (TT category winner and course record holder)

boymanI entered this race as I wanted to keep racing until the end of September and it was a course I had not ridden (in fact, I had no idea where it was). When I found out it was a sporting course I was pleasantly surprised, these courses tend to suit me. I rode down to and around the course the week before the event, it was tough with mostly drags and rolling sections before a fast descent and the final climb.

I arrived early at the HQ, which was very nice, and once warmed up rode to the start. I felt pretty decent during my warm up so was hopeful of a reasonable ride. Gary Chambers was the main competition and he had done some pretty rapid times recently so it was going to take a good ride to beat him.

The final climb apparently hits 15% in places but there was a small crowd cheering which made it seem easier. Once at the top it was a sprint to the finish line some two hundred metres further on. I returned to the HQ to find out I’d won by nearly a minute from Gary, I think the sporting and (for a British TT) technical nature of the course were in my favour. My time was just under 33 minutes and I’d set myself the target of breaking 33 minutes so was happy. On returning home I also found that I’d averaged 350 watts normalised which is the best I’ve done this year for a TT of that length and more than I did at the National 10.

The ultimate aim for this course, as I believe it will be used each year now, would be to break 30 minutes. That would take a very special ride, or someone better than me riding it. 

Craig Wallington (road bike category winner)

craigI’m new the TT scene, this being my 5th one. The course was awesome a nice array of hills, flats and descents. Really well organised and marshalled.

Would also like to say it was really nice to see younger riders in the event and the young lad giving it some up the final climb was brilliant to watch. The support he got going up pipers climb was fantastic.

On a personal level course conditions were perfect for me that day and even surprised myself on getting a narrow victory. I look forward to doing a Sotonia TT again and other cycling friends are interested to.

HQ and facilities were best I’ve been to really well organised and executed event!

Gary Chambers (2nd place TT  category)

chambersAfter spending the last few months bashing up and down dual carriageways it was a refreshing change to ride the leg loosener TT. The course was mega scenic and with the rolling roads and turns it provided a chance to not be riding at one power all race and gave the riders something else to thing about especially with their pacing strategies.

My ride itself went OK, power wise it seems pretty good, after an off the week before at the inter-services TT champs I was very hesitant through the corners which cost be a bit of time. It’s no shame coming second to James but I was a bit disappointed with the margin.

Note for all you power fans: Gary did 353w AP, 366w NP

Kim Little (2nd place road bike category)

kimWhat a great event from Sotonia, a real testing course on some lovely scenic and quiet roads. I felt the rolling circuit and sharp climb at the finish really evened out the advantage the TT bikes had over road bikes which made it exciting. A large turnout of riders ensured a lively atmosphere and the group of supporters on Pipers Wait climb shouting and ringing cowbells really helped take my mind of the pain.

Excellent prizes and a lovely venue were the icing on the cake… oh yes, there was also LOTS of cake!

Sophie Herbert (2nd woman, road bike category)

Had a bit of a shocker on the start line! I somehow didn’t get my wheel in properly before I started (#chopper) and managed to pull it out as I started. (luckily avoiding hitting the tarmac!) A kind volunteer rushed over to help but it was looking highly unlikely I was going to continue as neither of us could seem to get the wheel in properly. 6 minutes later it finally clicked into place so I thought I may as well still ride the course to see how I would have fared, I definitely wasn’t expecting to still finish 2nd woman!
I thought it was a great event, well organised and really friendly. I’ll be back next year and hopefully will get more from the University club along too. 
It was also really nice to see equal prize money for men and women. Thanks for putting on a great event!

Prize winners

Road Bike event

1st place – Craig Wallington – Andover Wheelers – 00:36:42
2nd place – Kim Little – Gillingham and District Wheelers – 00:36:46
3rd place – Bob Richardson – Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers – 00:37:26

1st woman – Sarah Matthews – a3crg – 00:44:27
2nd woman – Sophie Herbert – Southampton University Road Club – 00:48:25
3rd woman – Gemma Wilks – Sotonia CC – 00:48:59

1st junior – Red Walters – Sotonia CC – 00:39:03

TT Bike event

1st place – James Boyman – Farnham RC – 00:32:49
2nd place – Gary Chambers – Fareham Wheelers CC – 00:33:46
3rd place – Stephen Whitewick – VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths – 00:35:50

1st woman – Faye Faber – IOW Cycling Club – 00:39:56
2nd woman – Caitlin Peters –  i-Team CC – 00:40:38
3rd woman – Michelle Walter – Bournemouth Arrow CC – 00:42:03

1st junior – Vaughan Marris – Fareham Wheelers CC – 00:39:42

Unfortunately we made a mistake on the day and awarded the 1st junior prize to Jason Hayles who is in fact an espoir (aged 19-22) and not a junior. We’re very sorry for the mix up.

Pipers Wait timed section

The fastest time recorded on the Pipers Wait section was a mountain-goat-like 1:53 by Kim Little. Kim was 2nd in the road bike category but managed to get up the hill and to the finish line 1s quicker than the overall winner on the day James Boyman.

According to the rules, Kim isn’t eligible for the t-shirt prize for the timed segment, as he won a cash prize on the day.

The fastest times by riders who didn’t get a cash prize are Ray Claridge (G A Cycles) and James Gill (DHCyclesport), who both did it in 2:01.

Big Ring Beast award

liamNicholas Cooper (Andover Wheelers) completed the whole course on a fixed gear bike. Yep that’s right, a bike with one gear that you can’t freewheel on. Nicholas would have certainly been a strong contender for the award, but unfortunately he had to dismount on Pipers Wait due to the massive gear he was pushing.

The Big Ring Beast award went to Liam Somerville (IOW Cycling Club) who not only looked totally pro while pushing a big gear up the climb, but also did it on a lovely looking bike complete with quad-spoke Spinergy wheels. Nice.

Fastest Puncture

We heard that Matt Doherty (DHCyclesport) punctured on Roger Penny Way about 8 miles into the course, but he didn’t stick around to receive his prize (a spare inner tube).

Special thanks


Thank you to www.vintvelo.com for donating the t-shirts for the special prizes.

They design and create unique and stylish clothing for cyclists, plus other cycle inspired accessories, and they happen to have a September Sale on at the moment!

House of Sankey

The cake which formed the centrepiece of the post-ride refreshments and prize giving was very kindly donated by House of Sankey who are a small family business based in Salisbury.


Next time you need a custom made cake, you know where to go! You can find them as well as pictures of their other creations on Facebook.

We’re definitely going to make this a tradition for our future events.

Road bike results

1 Craig Wallington Andover Wheelers Male Senior 00:36:42
2 Kim Little Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles Male Senior 00:36:46
3 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Veteran 00:37:26
4 Ed Slot Sotonia CC Male Senior 00:37:29
5 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male Veteran 00:37:58
6 Chris Wolton Southborough & Dist. Whs Male Senior 00:38:14
7 Red Walters Sotonia CC Male Junior 00:39:03
8 PAUL MUSTOW 100% ME Male Senior 00:39:14
9 PAUL LOCKYER DHCyclesport Male Senior 00:39:20
10 liam somerville IOW Cycling Club Male Senior 00:39:58
11 Ben Coward Southampton University Road Club Male Espoir 00:40:15
12 Rob Sherrin a3crg Male Veteran 00:40:19
13 Ray Claridge G A Cycles Male Veteran 00:40:25
14 Stewart Ward New Forest CC Male Senior 00:40:46
15 Chris Mccombie Velo Club Venta Male Senior 00:40:50
15 stuart peckham New Forest CC Male Veteran 00:40:50
17 Darryl Strong DHCyclesport Male Veteran 00:41:02
18 Drew Hosie a3crg Male Veteran 00:41:22
19 Tom Butler New Forest CC Male Senior 00:41:42
20 david mainstone 100% ME Male Veteran 00:41:42
21 Andrew Rushmer Velo Club Venta Male Senior 00:41:53
22 Darryl Barr a3crg Male Veteran 00:42:04
23 Stephen Wood Antelope Racing Team Male Veteran 00:42:05
24 James Gill DHCyclesport Male Senior 00:42:33
25 Sean Holehouse Sotonia CC Male Veteran 00:43:30
25 Warren Peters a3crg Male Veteran 00:43:30
27 Justin Priest DHCyclesport Male Senior 00:43:47
28 Mrs Sarah Matthews a3crg Female Veteran 00:44:27
29 Jonathan Ashby 34 Nomads CC Male Veteran 00:45:17
30 Jacob Enness 100% ME Male Juvenile 00:45:42
31 Oliver Townsend Sotonia CC Male Senior 00:46:02
32 Tom Smith 100% ME Male Juvenile 00:47:19
33 Dave Ellis Devizes Town Cycling Club Male Veteran 00:47:53
34 Chris Wood Sotonia CC Male Senior 00:48:03
35 Tim Mason-Hambidge DHCyclesport Male Senior 00:48:06
36 Sophie Herbert Southampton University Road Club Female Senior 00:48:25
37 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC Female Senior 00:48:59
38 Steve Wilks Sotonia CC Male Veteran 00:51:11
39 luke dear 100% ME Male Juvenile 00:51:27
40 Roelie Hempel Southampton Tri Club Female Senior 00:54:46
41 kyle dear 100% ME Male Juvenile 00:59:00
Matt Doherty DHCyclesport Male Senior

TT bike results

1 James Boyman Farnham RC Male Senior 00:32:49
2 Gary Chambers Fareham Wheelers CC Male Senior 00:33:46
3 Stephen Whitewick VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths Male Veteran 00:35:50
4 Simon Healey Andover Wheelers Male Veteran 00:36:00
5 Rich Heath Oxted Cycle Club Male Senior 00:36:30
6 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 00:36:34
7 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 00:36:35
8 Jamie Franklin Velo Club Venta Male Senior 00:36:39
9 Craig Haslam Tri UK Male Veteran 00:36:42
10 James Peckham Sotonia CC Male Senior 00:37:23
11 Paul Morris Fareham Wheelers CC Male Senior 00:37:32
12 William Fleming Velo Club Venta Male Veteran 00:37:52
13 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 00:37:53
14 Patrick Brennan a3crg Male Senior 00:38:13
15 Jason Hayles IOW Cycling Club Male Espoir 00:38:23
16 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Veteran 00:38:43
17 Vaughan Marris Fareham Wheelers CC Male Juvenile 00:39:42
17 Richard Moore Wyndymilla Male Veteran 00:39:42
19 Faye Faber IOW Cycling Club Female Senior 00:39:56
20 Mike Anderson Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 00:40:08
21 martin beale Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 00:40:15
22 Jonathan Wren Sotonia CC Male Senior 00:40:18
23 Stuart Thompson Andover Wheelers Male Veteran 00:40:26
24 Caitlin Peters i-Team CC Female Juvenile 00:40:38
25 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC Female Veteran 00:42:03
26 Nicholas Cooper Andover Wheelers Male Veteran 00:44:00
27 colin crocker Sotonia CC Male Veteran 00:44:19
28 Mike Boyce a3crg Male Veteran 00:44:47
29 Martin Jones Fareham Wheelers CC Male Veteran 00:45:29
30 Caroline Light Sarum Velo Female Veteran 00:46:50
31 Simon Craig-McFeely a3crg Male Veteran 00:47:14
32 ken rayson a3crg Male Veteran 00:50:18
33 John Burrows Poole Whs Male Veteran 00:51:28

Pipers Wait timed segment

1 Kim Little 00:01:53
1 Kim Little 00:01:53
2 James Boyman 00:01:54
3 Gary Chambers 00:01:59
4 Bob Richardson 00:02:01
4 Ray Claridge 00:02:01
4 James Gill 00:02:01
7 Simon Healey 00:02:05
8 PAUL MUSTOW 00:02:06
9 Red Walters 00:02:08
9 Paul Morris 00:02:08
9 Rich Heath 00:02:08
9 Craig Haslam 00:02:08
13 Craig Wallington 00:02:10
13 Chris Wolton 00:02:10
13 Ed Slot 00:02:10
16 liam somerville 00:02:11
16 PAUL LOCKYER 00:02:11
18 Jason Hayles 00:02:12
19 Darryl Strong 00:02:14
19 Jonathan Wren 00:02:14
19 Stephen Whitewick 00:02:14
19 James Peckham 00:02:14
23 Stewart Ward 00:02:15
24 David Dalton 00:02:16
25 Andy Smith 00:02:17
26 david mainstone 00:02:21
26 William Fleming 00:02:21
28 Andrew Rushmer 00:02:22
29 Tom Butler 00:02:23
29 stuart peckham 00:02:23
31 Stephen Wood 00:02:24
32 Rob Sherrin 00:02:25
32 Andrew Rivett 00:02:25
32 Sophie Herbert 00:02:25
35 Simon Berogna 00:02:26
36 Chris Mccombie 00:02:27
36 Mike Anderson 00:02:27
38 Jamie Franklin 00:02:28
39 Vaughan Marris 00:02:31
39 Michelle Walter 00:02:31
41 Darryl Barr 00:02:32
42 Patrick Brennan 00:02:33
43 Drew Hosie 00:02:34
43 Richard Moore 00:02:34
45 Faye Faber 00:02:35
46 Caitlin Peters 00:02:36
47 Sean Holehouse 00:02:37
48 Tom Smith 00:02:38
48 Sarah Matthews 00:02:38
48 Nick Jones 00:02:38
51 Stuart Thompson 00:02:41
52 Warren Peters 00:02:42
52 martin beale 00:02:42
54 Justin Priest 00:02:44
55 Dave Ellis 00:02:56
55 colin crocker 00:02:56
55 Oliver Townsend 00:02:56
58 Chris Wood 00:02:59
59 Tim Mason-Hambidge 00:03:00
60 Jonathan Ashby 00:03:02
61 Gemma Wilks 00:03:05
62 luke dear 00:03:07
63 Mike Boyce 00:03:11
64 Ben Coward 00:03:12
65 eva nyirenda 00:03:19
66 Jacob Enness 00:03:21
67 kyle dear 00:03:24
67 ken rayson 00:03:24
69 Martin Jones 00:03:27
70 Simon Craig-McFeely 00:03:29
71 Steve Wilks 00:03:37
72 Nicholas Cooper 00:03:40
73 Caroline Light 00:03:52
74 John Burrows 00:04:02
75 Roelie Hempel 00:04:41