Early morning frost did not deter 27 riders from starting the Mean Meon Reliability Ride on Sunday 25th October.  The 76 mile course proved very demanding and taxed the riders ability to navigate and climb hills with 18 finishers.  Riders enjoyed the challenge with many appreciating the use of roads not frequented by the Sotonia clubruns.

Gold Standard (16-18 mph)
Will Weynberg, Sotonia CC
James Peckham, Sotonia CC
Ben Scott-Munden, Sotonia CC
Matt Downie, Eden Veranda
Andy Gough, VC Venta
Ben Smith, VC Venta
Andy MacKay, DHC
Chris Moody, Sotonia CC
Zondy Webber, Sotonia CC
Rich Stevens, Sotonia CC
Brook Elgie, Rock n Road
Richard Burch, Sotonia CC
Jonathan Legg, Sotonia CC

Silver Standard (14-16 mph)
Colin Sewell, Sotonia CC

Bronze Standard (12-14 mph)
Darren Strickland, Sotonia CC
Bill Drabkin, Sotonia CC
Colin Witt, Sotonia CC
Sheelagh Evans, Sotonia CC

Well done all those who completed the course!