A great day for a reliability ride!  The warm and windless October day saw 16 riders set out on the Meon Tour. Chris Moody and Ben Scott-Munden joined the “Gold group” part way round and all those taking part completed the course in record time – well done.

Name Club Category Standard
Serena Baldwin Sotonia Woman Vet Bronze
Sandy Bell Sotonia Woman Vet Silver
Mick Bradban Sotonia Vet Bronze
Jon Chapman Sotonia Vet Gold
Bill Drabin Sotonia Vet Bronze
Ben Hames Sotonia Senior Gold
Jon Legg Sotonia Senior Gold
Martin Smith Sotonia Vet Silver
Ann Smyth Winchester CTC Women Vet Bronze
Russell Speight Sotonia Senior Gold
Rich Stephens Sotonia Vet Gold
Stephen Underwood Sotonia Vet Silver
Red Walters Sotonia Junior Gold
Will Weynberg Sotonia Senior Gold
Paul Witcombe Sotonia Vet Silver
Colin Witt Sotonia Vet Bronze