Nick Tarmey of VC Venta won our first 25 mile time trial of the year with a very impressive ride, comfortably going under the hour. Phil Wilks was the fastest Sotonia rider finishing 4½ minutes behind Nick.

Massive thanks to Julia Baker-Beall who organised this event and all the other Sotonia volunteers who braved the wet weather:

  • Martin Napier
  • Phil Nightingale
  • Dudley Baker-Beall
  • John Phillips
  • Steve Underwood
  • Jon Legg
  • Dave Crocker
  • Jan Burnage


Nick Tarmey VC Venta 57-54
Phil Wilks Sotonia 1-02-28
Sam Cooper Sotonia 1-03-49
Stephen Wood Antelope RT 1-05-55
Stuart Grace GA Cycles 1-09-21
Alistair Asher Team Quest 1-10-49
Richard Burch & Mary Corbett Sotonia 1-14-55
Brian Coupe Sotonia 1-15-11
Chris Summers Sotonia 1-21-34