In 2016 this event resulted in a tie for first place between Brook Elgie and Phil Wilks with both riders achieving a time of 26-19 on this rolling New Forest course. The pair went head-to-head again today, with Elgie looking to test his form ahead of the Downton Classic 2-day stage race next weekend.

Both riders set personal bests on the P182 course with Wilks beating his previous time by 15 seconds with 26-01. Elgie was quickest on the day though, winning the time trial convincingly with 25-22 and taking almost a minute off his previous time.

Brook Elgie: “I’d like to thank my teammate, and the cold morning limiting the field size”

Young rider Harry Parsons put in an impressive ride to finish third with 26-32.

Special thanks to Graham and all the helpers and timekeepers. Thanks also to the group of Sotonia riders on the Sunday club run who joined the competitors after the race.

  • Organiser: Graham Harman
  • Start timekeeper: Martin Napier
  • Pusher off: Richard Burch
  • Marshals: Mark Compton, Penny Cossburn, Julian Gee
  • Finish timekeepers: Mary Corbett, Norman Harvey
  • Number caller: Phil Wilks

1 Brook Elgie Sotonia CC 25-22
2 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 26-01
3 Harry Parsons Sotonia CC 26-32
4 James Chant Gillingham and District Wheelers 29-10
5 Mike Anderson VC Venta 29-30
6 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 31-24
7 Richard Burch Sotonia CC 31-51
8 Wendy Knowlton Sotonia CC 32-50
9 Ted Knowlton Sotonia CC 34-16
10 Millie Chilcott VC Venta 37-31