Golden Centuries for Betteridge, Chapman and Taylor
The club’s April Reliability Ride took a circular path through north Hampshire and east Wiltshire starting from Romsey and making its way across the Inkpen ridge to Great Bedwyn, then west through Pewsey to Lavington, south across the Salisbury Plain and into the Wylye Valley before finishing at the Bear and Ragged Staff.
The 102-mile course attracted nine participants, three of whom completed the course at the “gold standard” of 16mph or better. There were four silver finishers (14–16mph), while two riders achieved bronze with average speeds of over 13mph. Weather conditions were good, though winds from the southeast impeded progress on the homeward stretch.

Gold Standard
Dom Betteridge
Jon Chapman
Cameron Taylor

Silver Standard
Colin Sewell
Darren Strickland
Greg Vint
Myles Ward

Bronze Standard
Micky Bradban
Bill Drabkin