A bright sunny day saw 20 or more riders assemble at Carlo’s Ice-cream Parlour at Wellow for the first reliability ride of the year.  The new course, the Forest Fourscore 80 miler devised by Bill Drabkin, proved to be a popular one using some roads not often ridden by club members.  Congratulations to all who completed the course.

Name Club Category Standard
Sandy Bell Sotonia Woman Vet Silver
Tim Bowdler Sotonia Senior Gold
Mick Bradban Sotonia Vet Silver
Richard Burch Sotonia Vet Gold
Penny Cossburn Sotonia Woman Vet Bronze
Bob Damper Sotonia Vet Bronze
Dan Edwards Sotonia Senior Gold
Sheelagh Evans Sotonia Woman Vet Bronze
John French Sotonia Vet Gold
Andrew Gough JMJ Senior Gold
Peter Harrison GS Henley Senior Gold
Jon Legg Sotonia Senio Gold
Brian Minard Sotonia Vet Gold
Edward Rowe Sotonia Junior Gold
John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood Vet Silver
Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Junior Gold
Richard Stephens Sotonia Vet Gold
Fred Taylor-Young Sotonia Senior Gold
Eric Wilcock Sotonia Vet Gold
Richard Woods Sotonia Vet Gold