Wylie Valley – 70 miles

Name Club Category Standard
Peter Harrison GS Henley Senior Gold
Brook Elgie Peter Hansford Senior Gold
Adam Jennings Come and Try Senior Gold
Will Weynberg Sotonia Senior Gold
Jonathan Wren Sotonia Senior Gold
Rich Stephens Sotonia Veteran Gold
Paul Ransom Sotonia Junior Gold
Andrew Gough JMJ Cycles Senior Gold
Derek Jennings Sotonia Veteran Gold
Tom Budden Sotonia Senior Gold
Jon Chapman Sotonia Veteran Gold
Phil Wilks Sotonia Senior Gold
Hugh Knudsen Team Tor 200 Senior Gold
Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Senior Gold
Dan Edwards Sotonia Senior Gold
Ben Hames Sotonia Senior Gold
Chris Moody Sotonia Senior Silver
John French Sotonia Veteran Silver
Richard Burch Sotonia Veteran Silver
Jon Legg Sotonia Senior Silver
Andy Mackay Sotonia Senior Silver
James Peckham Sotonia Senior Silver
Rob Tomlinson Sotonia Senior Silver
Alison Caldwell Pedal Power Lady Senior Silver
Ed Rowe Sotonia Junior Bronze
Sean Withill Sotonia Veteran Bronze
Mick Bradban Sotonia Veteran Bronze
John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood Veteran Bronze

Pitton Potter – 45 miles

Name Club Category Standard
Phil Nightingale Sotonia Veteran Silver
Dan Perry Sotonia Senior Silver
Catherine Phillips Come and Try Lady Veteran Silver
Andy Robertson Sotonia Veteran Silver
Colin Sewell Sotonia Veteran Silver
Alan Sharpen Sotonia Veteran Silver
Richard Woods Sotonia Veteran Silver