The final club time trial of 2021 saw a big field that included an special appearance by ex-pro and celebrity, Jens Voigt who came along and rode “stoker” on a tandem trike with Mary Corbett as part of her Tandem Tart Challenge. Ever the professional, Jens was very happy to chat, mingle, take selfies with members and hand out signed photos.

Jens described their ride: “I haven’t had a better Sunday morning in a long time. We were blessed with the weather, friendly people surrounding us and I was able to put my muscles back in place. We were lucky enough to see all sorts of animals, donkeys ponies and cows.

Mary and me, we put our pride into not getting caught and we succeeded. We crushed one soul by passing him on his bike. I worked hard and did break a sweat. Mary was a fantastic pilot and I have never felt safer in my life.

I highly recommend to anyone reading this to try out the experience of riding a tandem trike.”

Thanks to Stuart Grace who kindly organised Jens to attend, our marshals, time keepers, organisers and friends who kindly came out to support the event.

Another big thank you goes to the magnificent photographer Paul Hammond whose photos can be found here



Pos Name Club Time
1 Neil Towns VC Venta 22.55
2 Liam Kemp SURC 22.59
3 Graham Harman Sotonia CC 23.49
4 Malcom Cox VC St Raphael 23.57
5 Craig Smith Sotonia CC 24.07
6 Sherif Attia SURC 24.12
7 Stuart Barrow Sotonia CC 24.13
8 Alex Asher Unattached 24.23
9 Ian Sherin 3C Cycle Club 24.25
10 James Peckham Sotonia CC 24.27
11 Jeremy Hubbard Sotonia CC 24.31
11 Rui Simpson SURC 24.31
13 John Sibley UTAG 24.58
14 Alex James Neuw Bos 25.15
15 Mary Corbett/Jens Voigt Sotonia CC/Guest 25.37
16 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC 25.40
17 Brendan Gregson Sotonia CC 26.18
18 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 26.49
19 Colin Yeates Crabwood CC 26.51
20 Mike Stevens Fareham Wheelers 27.07
21 Erica Fogg UTAG 27.18
22 Richard Burch Sotonia CC 27.14
23 Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers 27.41
24 Brian Coupe Sotonia CC 27.57
25 Corbin Gregson Sotonia CC 28.43
26 Phil Hoacham Unattached 29.32
27 Rob Hutchinson Sotonia CC 32.03
28 Mark Parkin Unattached 36.51