Sotonia recorded their third win of the round this week. Sotonia Bees (men’s category B team) topped the table on the bumpy Temples and Towers route.

Strong riding from James Peckham, Russell Speight, Chris Moody, Rob Gasson, Adrian Robinson and Greg Sanger gave them their second win of the season (SotoniAs having claimed the other first place this season), and puts Bees in third place overall in their league. With the team time trial to come next week, Bees are confident that they’ll cement their place on the podium.

SotoniAs (men’s category A team) and Cranks (women’s category C team) both found this week’s course tougher. There were only 3 finishers in each of their teams (although much to celebrate in Cranks, where Suzy Howick was very pleased that her chain didn’t fall off this week), so they’re very keen to recruit more riders. We also want to split our Bees into two teams. So if you want to join a winning team, create a new one, or just have lots of Type II fun in your garage on the dark winter nights, let us know. There’s a brief pause in the fun until the next round starts on November 14th. Just let us know below, or contact an existing rider, if you fancy joining in.