Thruxton 24.4.16_Red_Walters

It was another good night of racing at Thruxton yesterday for Behind the Bikeshed Summer Series round 1 and Sotonia were out in force! With fourth place for promising junior Red Walters in only his second outing in the 4th cats, Matt Dixon in 7th and Russell Speight rounding off a trio of Sotonia in the top 10 with 9th place.

Red Walters: “It started off a bit slower than last week so I spent some time in the wind and tried to stay near the font. After a couple of laps I burnt out and spent another two recovering at the back. I stayed mid pack until the last lap when Phil Godfrey made a move with one other guy so it was strung out chasing them down. I was around 10th wheel on the back straight which was great and left me around 6th before the sprint, after which I nabbed 4th.”

There was also another top five finish for James Peckham, fourth in the 3rd cat race – not bad sprinting on a flat tyre! Great riding guys!

James Peckham: “Another good race with Paul Ransom and Andy McKay active on the front. I did attack half way through, and drew out a good group including Paul and Brook Elgie (Rock n Road). Paul attacked with three to go, Andy bridged to a promising move but were caught with two to go. Last lap a break hung out until just before the chicane, the eventual winner hopping from that into the front five. I was about 6/7th at that point. I left it late to open up the sprint and finished 4th. After the race my tire was flat, so who knows if that was going soft during the finale!”