Wallop50 2015b

A fine and warm morning saw 34 riders assemble at Romsey Bus Station for the start of the Wallop 50 reliability ride.  Despite a stiffer than expected breeze on the return leg all riders completed the course well within their chosen times.  Well done everyone!

Sotonia members

Name Standard
Dominic Betteridge Gold
Mick Bradban Silver
Tom Budden Gold
Richard Burch Gold
Russ Davies Gold
Simon Daw Gold
William Drabin Silver
Brook Elgie Gold
John French Gold
Jonathan Hall Gold
Jez Hart Gold
Matteo Ichino Gold
Jonathan Legg Gold
Keith Mack Silver
Andrew MacKay Gold
Joanne McCathy Silver
Brian Minard Gold
James Peckham Gold
Paul Ransom Gold
Martin Roscoe Gold
Ben Scott-Munden Gold
Colin Sewell Gold
Darren Strickland Silver
Graham Vail Gold
Ian Wall Silver
Luke Webber Gold
William Weynberg Gold
Julian Wherrett Silver
Phil Wilks Gold
Paul Witcombe Gold
Colin Witt Silver
Gawain Young Gold


Name Standard
Lydia Drabin-Reiter Silver
Esther Drabkin-Reiter Silver
Peter French Gold