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A brilliant turnout for Sotonia and a course which had everything. Twists, turns, ups, downs, sandpit, thick grass and mud in abundance. Riders having to stop to clear front and rear mechs during the race and the course was heavy so all knew they’d ridden a particularly tough cross race! Team of the day has to go to our seniors, brilliant performance and Niels in his pure white new jersey too, the vets churned the course up and we only had to ride for 45ish mins and they had to ride for an hour, so well done to the ‘youngsters!’ The ‘oldies’ were led by Phil Connell, consistent throughout the season. In the senior race, Tom Budden nailed his start and despite a jammed chain and two bike changes, he still managed 16th place to top the Sotonia finishers.

With two races to go, hopefully we can maintain a strong showing. Next race is Sunday December 28th – The Geoff Shergold Memorial at Southampton Sports Centre, so even if you don’t fancy the ride your support will be appreciated by us all.

Vets (v40s)
Phil Connell 17th
Simon Guard 21st

Vets (v50s)
Jon Dudley 16th
John Phillips 17th

Tom Budden 16th
Phil Wilks 17th
Niels Langhout 18th
Darren Sell 21st
Vetus Jakimavicius 23rd


Official Wessex CX report and full results here

Photo Gallery by Graham Robins here