Colin Yeates took the annual Sotonia Road Bike Challenge run this year on the Lockerley, Awbridge, Dunbridge circuit. With an adjusted course used this time the length of the event was reduced to 15km.

Yeates had just three seconds to spare over young pretenders, the fast improving James Peckham and the club’s current hill climb champion Ben Cady, who is racing again to prepare for the hill climb season.

There were also some tight battles further down the list with 18 members and one guest rider taking part – although technically two of these weren’t on road bikes; Martin Ward and Graham Simmons.

These are the full list of finishers:
Position Name Club Category Time
1 Colin Yeates Sotonia C C Veteran 00:23:56
2 Ben Cady Sotonia C C Senior 00:23:59
3 James Peckham Sotonia C C Senior 00:23:59
4 Gawain Young Sotonia C C Veteran 00:24:49
5 Dan Edwards Sotonia C C Senior 00:24:59
6 Cameron Taylor Sotonia C C Senior 00:25:09
7 Phil Connell Sotonia C C Veteran 00:25:23
8 Jon Chapman Sotonia C C Veteran 00:25:24
9 Will Wynberg Sotonia C C Senior 00:25:26
10 Graham Simmons Sotonia C C Senior 00:25:26
11 Tim Cooke Sotonia C C Veteran 00:26:11
12 Richard Burch Sotonia C C Veteran 00:26:47
13 Rob Gasson Come and try Senior 00:27:23
14 Martin Ward Sotonia C C Veteran 00:27:52
15 Mick Bradban Sotonia C C Veteran 00:27:53
16 Sean Withall Sotonia C C Veteran 00:28:26
17 Julian Wherrett Sotonia C C Veteran 00:29:29
18 Alan Sharpen Sotonia C C Veteran 00:30:09
19 Bob Young Sotonia C C Veteran 00:30:47