The spring/summer of 2016 has seen a great start for our youth coaching for Sotonia. This weekend marked our third session back at Southampton University Avenue Campus and we’ve been seeing bigger groups every week. With 16 kids in attendance this week and a further two new recruits – over 30 kids on our records and an appearance by our very own chairman, the future for Sotonia Youth is looking bright.

This week’s sessions consisted of the older group (8+) lead by Jez, learning the art of leading and following and riding together, taught on a circuit of corners where communication and steady pace were the order of the day. A great way to introduce them to group riding and riding close to someone’s wheel… the kids are loving it and we’re struggling to get a word in edgeways by the end of a session with their noisy enthusiasm!

The younger ones (under the age of eight) coached by new trainee coach Mel, concentrated on balance and weight shifting, to help them maintain control whilst moving their body about their bike. This was achieved by negotiating narrow channels and then attempting to lower themselves enough to fit under a limbo bar which kept getting lower throughout the session.

We’ll be at Avenue campus car park next Saturday (9.30-11am), if you know of any kids who like riding their bike and would like to come and give our sessions a go, please let them know!



May Family Ride

Coming up too is our monthly Family Ride, departing the Standing Hat car park near Brockenhurst at approximately 10am on Bank Holiday Monday May 2nd. Again please do come along as it’s a great way to enjoy cycling with the family.