The second reliability of the trial took place today, The St Leonard 90km, a circuit which organiser, Bill Drabkin devised and which is based mainly in the New Forest, takes riders as far west as Poulner (near Ringwood) in the west and as far southeast St Leonard’s Grange, with a great barn dating from the Middle Ages.

In spite of somewhat uncertain weather, St Leonard’s “maiden run” attracted a field of nearly 30 Sotonians. Temperatures were above average for the time of year, but there was a strong wind from the southwest – particularly noticeable across the old airfield near Fritham – and there were also spells of squally showers. These did not, however, dampen the spirits of the riders, well over half of whom achieved the gold standard. Congratulations to all, especially those who managed the gold standard in spite of having to mend a puncture (P).

A date for your diary: Sunday, April 9, the “maiden run” of the 75-mile Fonthill Reliability Trial.

The finishers are listed in alphabetical order in each category.

NB: the speeds have been revised to reflect the club’s efforts to adopt the metric system as it moves into its second half-century.

GOLD (average speed of 25–30 km/hr)
Nick Austin
Richard Burch
Ben Coward
Russ Davies
Brook Elgie
Thomas Gibb
Ben Hames
Jez Hart
Sam Kushner(P)
Jon Legg
Andrew Mackay
Nick Malbon
Dan Perry
John Phillips(P)
Ben Scott-Munden
Russell Speight
Rich Stephens
Darren Strickland
Steve Underwood
Red Walters
Will Weynberg


SILVER (22–25 km/hr)
Simon Daw
Myles Ward
Colin Witt


BRONZE (18–22 km/hr)
Juliet Baker-Beall
Penny Cossburn
Sheelagh Evans