October saw the end of the 2023 segment of the month competition, with only a little bit of shuffling of the orders at the top of the rankings. Emma Harrison cemented her position at the top of the U16 women’s competition, beating Izzy Hall into second place.

In the overall women’s competition, Sophie Sellars, who had established an early lead, held on to this, from the hard chasing Jen Dawson, with Debbie Hallett rounding out the podium. Curiously, Izzy Hall came in 4th, ahead of Emma Harrison, because her times were often slightly faster than Emma’s. Indeed, Izzy was actually the fastest female on three of the months, and second fastest on two more. Things look good for her in the future.

In the U16 men’s competition, George Connell took the top step, just one point ahead of Niclas Olley. There’s going to be some battles to come between those two in future years.
Andy Gardiner had established a strong lead in the men’s overall competition, and cemented this in October. He gave himself a slack month though, only coming in fourth fastest (an off month for Andy, but something the rest of us can only dream of). Jeremy Hubbard brought cunning and strength to the competition, saving his joker to the final month, and setting the fastest time this month. This helped him leapfrog into second place overall, ahead of George Connell. Special mention to Paul Macken, mixing it with the young ‘uns, and only just being pipped to the podium.

Final results can be seen here.

So that’s a wrap for 2023. We’ll be back in April 2024. Thanks to those of you who have filled in the google form asking for suggestions for next round.


Season results

Women’s U16
1. Emma Harrison 155 points
2. Izzy Hall 144 points

Women’s overall
1. Sophie Sellars 162 points
2. Jen Dawson 159 points
3. Debbie Hallett 145 points

Men’s U16
1. George Connell 166 points
2. Niclas Olley 165 points
3. Corbin Gregson 36 points

Men’s overall
1. Andy Gardiner 166 points
2. Jeremy Hubbard 139 points
3. George Connell 131 points