Perhaps because of all the shenanigans with the segment changes, only 24 Sotonians ventured up Woodgreen Hill this month.

Izzy Hall continued her run at the top of the U16 female competition, beating Emma Harrison into second place. Emma, though, has the lead in the overall competition, and, if she passes through this month’s segment, will claim the overall win. Izzy was also fastest in the women’s open competition, with Sophie Sellars and Jennifer Dawson coming in 2nd equal. It’s tight between those two at the top of the overall competition: just two points separate them, so it’s all to ride for next month.

George Connell stormed his way to the top of the U16 men’s competition, beating Niclas Olley into second. George holds first place in the overall, but will be worried by Niclas’ joker in the final month.

Andy Gardiner did what Andy does, and led the overall men’s times (snagging the second fastest all-time on the segment). George Connell came in second, beating Joey Wynne into third. Andy has the overall competition sewn up now, leading Paul Macken and George Connell. But Jeremy Hubbard, yet to play his joker, will have his eye on second spot.

Full results can be viewed here.

So, October is the final month of the 2023 competition, and takes us back to the Forest, this time to the Hamptworth Road segment: ra3. This was postponed from September, and don’t worry: I went out today to check the gravel “top-dressing”, and its now safe. Good luck. While it’s the last month for the competition, we’re still open to newcomers. Find out how to join here.